Electrolytes. We’ve all heard of them. We’ve all heard that they’re good for us to help us stay properly hydrated. With a market full of products that can provide us with these vital nutrients, it’s hard to decide which one is the best one. Many products available today follow the “old school” formulation of having added sugar to their products. Some companies even have clever marketing stating that the sugars in their products help enhance the absorption of the electrolytes. Is that even true? Should your product of choice have added sugars?

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Sugar-Free Electrolyte Drinks

The Science: Even though it has been shown that sugar in electrolyte drinks helps absorption, it’s not much. If it was a significant sized factor, then it would be a wise choice to use a product with added sugar. However, since the factor is pretty small, it would be a better choice to consume a sugar-free electrolyte drink and avoid the sugary versions of products available.

Follow the Leader: Healthy electrolyte drinks have emerged on the scene within the last few years. Since they’re so new to the marketplace, none stand higher than the other for new companies to replicate. For that reason, there are a lot of healthy electrolyte drinks available to consumers, all of them with their own unique formulations.

Opinion: When selecting a healthy electrolyte drink, you’ll have to consider what’s healthy for you. Some products contain much less sugar than the more mainstream products, but do you really need the sugar knowing that it doesn’t help that much? Or how about the sodium content? Should it be really high, or low? The top sellers in this product category tend to be higher in sodium, causing a bloating sensation as well as having a salty taste to them. What about the versatility? Should the product simply provide you with electrolytes, or would you want more health benefits?

Sugar & Electrolytes

The Science: Putting it plainly, some sugar consumed with electrolytes does in fact help the electrolytes do their work more effectively. However, this has to do with the sugar converting to glucose in the body. Glucose and electrolytes work well together, and this has been proven to be the case in many studies over the years.

Follow the Leader: When starting a business it’s always a wise decision to see what the leader in the industry does, and duplicate that. Gatorade is by far the most popular electrolyte product on the market with it being introduced in 1965. Its formula is composed of electrolytes and sugar. Lots of sugar. With its success, companies have followed the same type of formulation of adding sugar to their products. But be weary of this. Companies are simply following suit for the sales, not the science.

Opinion: Though science shows that electrolytes and glucose work well together, there’s a healthier way to get glucose instead of consuming sugar. When we consume carbohydrates, they convert to glucose for various functions within the human body. Simply put, the healthiest way to get some glucose in your body is to consume complex carbohydrates.

The benefits of drinking electrolyte drinks regularly, whether you’re an athlete or not

Fitness is essential to everyone’s health, regardless of age or athletic ability. That’s why more and more people, including parents and athletes alike, are beginning to recognize the important benefits that come with regularly hydrating with electrolyte drinks. Not only do they taste great, but electrolyte drinks are packed with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep functioning at their peak performance. And since they can help regulate your water balance, electrolytes can help keep you feeling energized during the day so you can conquer all the tasks in your daily life. Plus, drinking electrolytes helps reduce fatigue after a tough workout or day at the office. So no matter who you are or what lifestyle you lead, make sure to add electrolytes into your diet for a major mental and physical boost!

How to make your own electrolyte drink using natural ingredients

Making your own electrolyte drinks is the perfect way to improve your fitness and health. All you need are some natural ingredients, and it’s so easy that even parents can do it! First, get some coconut water or a sports drink you already have in your pantry like Gatorade. Then, add freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice for natural sweetness as well as vitamins and minerals. Finally, mix in some honey or maple syrup to help balance out the acidity of the citrus juice. With just a few simple steps, you’ve made yourself an electrolyte drink packed with energy and the essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy!

The different types of electrolyte drinks on the market and how they can help you replenish lost minerals

As the world gets more and more health conscious, having a regular fitness regimen is becoming increasingly important. Parents who prioritize physical activity for their children can especially benefit from keeping electrolyte drinks on hand to help ensure that everyone stays hydrated while they exercise. Glycerol-based electrolyte drinks are particularly beneficial due to the fact that they contain minerals such as potassium and sodium that are key in maintaining fluid balance inside our bodies. For those looking for an energy booster, carbohydrate-loaded electrolyte options are also available; these additions make the drinks an ideal choice for staying energized after big games or workouts. Simply put, electrolyte drinks provide the essential minerals your body craves without sacrificing taste – so grab yourself one next time you’re at the store!


So when you’re considering a healthy electrolyte drink for you to consume on a daily a basis that mixes well, tastes amazing and provides you with 3 powerful benefits in 1.