When it comes to selecting a perfume, one of the most important considerations to make is how the scent will affect your mood, appearance and the way you feel. Perfumes can affect your mood by either making you relaxed, or putting you in a state of alert enough to make you feel revitalized and energized. Most men’s perfumes are designed to create a state of alert and project power, whereas women’s perfumes are mostly designed to enhance mood, create a relaxed feeling and to smell alluring. Therefore, personality and style are the top considerations for many women when selecting a perfume.

Understand Your Signature Scent

Human beings are creatures of habit and this means that we prefer sticking to what we know and understand. The same goes with our fashion and style options since we would trust in clothes or even perfumes that we know for a fact will look and smell great on us. Therefore, understanding your scent is important when selecting a perfume. However, you don’t have to go for the same women’s perfume, and this means that you can play around with similar scents and fragrances that will give off the same mood and vibe.

Choosing Women’s perfume based on Function

Perfumes serve a social purpose, just like clothes and jewelry. Some perfumes for women are designed for corporate events and if you are looking to project power and status. Others are meant to give off a more romantic mood and vibe and their sensuality makes them ideal for romantic settings. Whichever function or purpose you have, there is a fragrance that would go great with it.

Shopping Online Versus At The Store

Online perfume shops are great for their convenience. However, if you are looking for the best women’s perfumes, then you have a better chance at getting a new fragrance when you visit the store physically. Perfumes appeal to our olfactory senses and by trying out samples of new perfumes, you get to know which one will go well with your skin, and your natural scent. Your beauty products also give off a particular scent and you don’t want your perfume fragrance to conflict with all the other scents you have on you.

Factors To Consider When Trying Out New Perfumes

It is important to remember that you can get an olfactory overload if you test too many scents within a short period. Take your time and for each new scent, try walking around in it for a few minutes or even hours. This will give you a sense of which notes you prefer and which ones last longer. At most, you should consider trying out just 3 different fragrances in a day and the one you can’t stop thinking about is probably the one you want.


Selecting a perfume is a more serious endeavor than even selecting clothes or jewelry. Perfumes play with our memories and you will remember good memories by the scents you associate with them. The best women’s perfumes tend to be the ones you want to save for the special occasion.