The majority of tobacco smokers have started developing their habit in their young age. Some have already smoked in high school, others when they went to college, and a smaller number of people started smoking when they started working at their first job.

There is even a smaller number of people who started smoking in their old age. Today, vaping is being suggested as a healthier alternative to smoking, which led to many younger people choosing vaping over smoking. From vaping the best CBD oil to e-cigarettes with various flavors, younger people are enjoying this rising trend, which is slowly but surely replacing a habit that’s been popular for almost a century.

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Does Vaping Lead to Smoking?

There have been numerous studies which questioned the relation between smoking and vaping, and in almost every case, smoking leads to vaping and not vice versa. Also, it’s important to note that these young people were mostly previous tobacco smokers who have decided to make a healthier decision for themselves.

People will rarely start to vape if they didn’t smoke previously. However, as this is a huge trend right now, it will need to wait a few years to understand the motives of young vapers better. According to Tobacco Control, fewer younger people have reported smoking tobacco once they started vaping.

Besides being a healthier alternative to smoking, it is also more appealing to this group of people. Some even reported they see vaping as something completely unrelated to smoking.

Changing the Perception of Smoking

The positive consequence of vaping being a rising trend is that young people are more aware of the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. They are changing their lifestyle completely, and they want to be healthier. With vape, all the adverse effects of tobacco smoking are even scaring young people who will not feel the need to try smoking when they have a healthier option at their disposal.

For decades, people have been enjoying tobacco without even thinking about the consequences it might have on their health. It was an enormous trend promoted in movies, commercials, magazines, and in the streets. However, now that we’re aware than tobacco smoke contains several thousands of chemicals, 70 of them being carcinogens, the perception is drastically changing.

Comparing Vaping and Smoking Effects

When comparing vape and smoking effects, there are a lot of things we need to take into consideration. Primarily, it’s essential to know that neither of these options should be promoted to you like something that can improve your health condition because they can’t.

So, let’s take a closer look at the effects of these two activities. When talking about illnesses, smoking tobacco is responsible for every fifth death in the United States. Vaping, on the other hand, doesn’t contain carcinogens and there is a significantly lower amount of chemicals. Smoking can cause damage to every single organ in your body, while vaping effects depend completely on your intake.

For instance, you can buy e-liquids with lower-level nicotine or reduce your vaping activity. Which will tremendously reduce the effects vaping causes to your system.

Moreover, the majority of tobacco smokers will eventually quit leading a healthier lifestyle while those who switch to vaping a dry herb vaporizer from smoking are saying there feel a lot fitter and want to be physically active.

Vaping and Smoking Effects

Final Thoughts

No doubt vaping is a healthier and safer alternative to tobacco smoking. You can even easily find the best CBD oil for anxiety, and other mental issues you’re might be facing. The only crucial thing is to be informed about all these vaping products on the market as quality of the product and the way you vape have a tremendous impact on your health. Take good care of your vaping device. And you will be able to enjoy not just your vaping experience, but your healthy lifestyle as well!


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