Making sure that your home is equipped with the right equipment to meet your basic health needs is important. This isn’t simply making sure you’re buying healthy food to fill your cupboards, but also includes other useful items like basic medicines. A lot of people have a bathroom cupboard or bedside drawer filled with these items, but is your home properly stocked with health and wellness products? Here are some useful items for your health and wellness that you should have at home. 

First Aid Kit

Band-aids and the odd bandage might be in the majority of people’s homes. But having a full first aid kit isn’t as common as you might think. It’s important to have a fully stocked first aid kit at home, as it will help you to deal with minor injuries like cuts and burns when a band-aid or running your hand under a cold tap won’t suffice. A good first aid kit should contain scissors, gauze dressings (various sizes), band-aids, tweezers, sterile gloves, eyewash, anti-septic creams, and alcohol-free cleansing wipes. You can purchase first aid supplies online or at your local drugstore. 


There has been some debate over the years as to whether or not vitamin supplements are worth purchasing. Although you should certainly not rely on these supplements as the sole source of vitamin intake for your body. There are benefits to taking them to help find a balance when necessary. You should be striving to eat a balanced, nutritious diet to provide your body with the correct vitamins and minerals. However, having vitamin supplements at home is useful to give your body a boost if and when needed, such as when you have a cold, for example, and you might feel better by taking some immune system boosters like vitamin C.

Over-the-Counter Medication

Most households will have these stored away somewhere. Pain relief medication such as ibuprofen and paracetamol are always useful over-the-counter medications to have and can be used for general aches and pains. Stronger pain relief such codeine tablets can also be bought without prescription; however, these products should be taken with caution, as they can become addictive. Cold and flu tablets are other common medications that are useful to have at home, as is cough syrup and antihistamine tablets for allergy sufferers. 

Hot & Cold Presses

To help reduce your temperature during a fever or the swelling of an injury. It could be useful to have a cold press. Often, these types of presses are used to treat muscular injuries after a workout or sporting activity. Heat pads are also useful for menstrual cramps or backache. Hot water bottles will work just as well for the latter. 

Fitness Equipment

Although you might have a gym membership or enjoy a daily run, having some basic fitness equipment at home could help you to maintain good health. Dumbbells, exercise balls, or a yoga mat are all small purchases you can store at home easily and use at any time. If you wanted to, you could buy larger equipment such as an exercise bike or treadmill. But this will depend on your budget and the size of your home. 

Think about what items your missing at home from this list and consider adding them to your collection of health and wellness products.