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The Ultimate Guide to Good Translation for Healthcare & Wellness

The world is not only a global village but also a multilingual society. There are over 6500 languages spoken globally, and as the tribes that speak these languages, we live together as a society. In marketing healthcare and wellness-related services, you want to reach out to each customer who understands and speaks the said languages. That’s where the services of healthcare & wellness translation companies come in. Here is an ultimate guide to effective and proper healthcare & wellness translation services.

Benefits of Good Healthcare & Wellness Translation Company

The best translation company can help to move your wellness and healthcare business a notch higher. The following are the core benefits of working with a highly qualified multilingual healthcare and wellness company.

Understand the Target Audience

The individual groups you want to convey the message to should be the core point of interest. Get a wellness and healthcare translator that has mastered the language you want your medical and wellness materials translated to. You know very well your healthcare and wellness establishment targets people fluent in varying languages. The issue of language barriers can make it challenging to communicate with such an audience effectively. A qualified translator will approach the translation job from your audience’s point of view. So, they will give accurate and easy-to-understand medical and wellness translations.

Know Their Concerns

Wellness and healthcare companies have a common goal, to improve the health and wellness of their clients. However, if you have established your business in a location with people who speak a different language, it may be challenging to address their issues fully. A good translation service like Magma Translation agency will have a team that knows your business’s core interests and needs.

Operating in a multilingual region doesn’t mean you should neglect some of your clients because you don’t speak or write in their bilingual language. You want your target patients to understand their diagnoses and carefully follow the doctor’s instructions, so getting translation services is recommended.

Understand the Locals Better

You’re breaking into a new locality with unique cultural and diversity preferences. You want to capture their interests by customizing the marketing message to their individual preferences. The best results can only be guaranteed if you hire a marketing agency with a bilingual team that understands that market. Translation services will understand your marketing goal and work towards bringing the best in terms of message presentation, ensuring they optimize your content with relevant images and videos if necessary. These are industry gurus with adequate experience and have previously translated multiple healthcare and wellness documents and materials with characteristics similar to the ones you have at hand.

What to Know if You Want to Get the Best from Your Translation Agency

If you hire the best translation agency, you want to be sure you’re getting value for the money invested in the translation services. There are multiple translation agencies you can hire, but if you’re going to reap the most out of the company hired, the following are factors to consider:

  • Check similar healthcare and wellness materials the translation agency translated in the past.
  • Hire a translation agency with a verifiable track record of providing first-class wellness and healthcare translation services
  • Provide your translation agency with relevant editable documents and guidelines on what audience to target while handling the translation project
  • Inform your translation agency on where you want to post the translated document. Be clear on whether you’ll publish the document on your web pages, blogs, or magazines. Just make sure you give the right information to enable the translators to format and style the document to meet the target requirements.
  • To get an accurate and audience-targeted translated document, don’t dictate the translation agency on the word count. Most translation agencies have handled similar documents before and will know exactly what word count will be the best for your document. Trying to dictate to the translator how many words to add to the document will often limit them and may not always bring out the best results.

Working with the best multilingual translation service can benefit your wellness and healthcare business in many ways. Just ensure you’re giving the right instructions, and you don’t limit the translator on matters of word count.


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