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4 Tips for Boosting Workplace Wellness

Life has a way of getting extremely busy all at once. Right when your personal life gets hectic, work begins to pile on. And that’s precisely when your car needs new tires and your home requires a repair. Naturally, health and wellness fall to the back burner while you’re left dealing with the other priorities going on.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Striking the right balance of health, work, and social life, among other priorities, is no easy task. That’s why it’s so important to have wellness incorporated into the workplace. Here are a few options to consider to get started.

1. Review Break Room Treats

Cake, donuts, and other satisfying — but not filling — options can be found in nearly any break room. And when the day drags on, reaching for these unhealthy snacks is incredibly tempting. But high-sugar, processed desserts aren’t setting you and your team up for success or wellness.

Instead, look for tasty, but healthy, options to keep everyone satiated without the sugar crash. A bowl of fruit can replace an array of candy. Hummus can be paired with pita chips or carrots for some protein in a pinch. A green powder drink is the perfect swap for underwhelming break room coffee.

Switch up the offerings on a regular cadence to keep things interesting. Prioritize grab-and-go foods for people running from one thing to the next. Dried fruit and protein bars with only a few ingredients are great to have on hand, for example.

Of course, you can customize what you provide to your specific team or office. If there are allergies or simply healthy food preferences, cater to those as best you can. The point is to keep the common space stocked with options that make health and wellness easy. Your team will be better off for it.

2. Revisit Workplace Setups

Office jobs, customer service roles, and many other positions require a lot of sitting. You’re posted up in a typical office chair behind a desk for hours on end. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. It just takes a bit of research to find the best ergonomic office setup for you and your team.

Start by looking into standing desks. There are desks with a motor that allows the entire desk to move up and down. Or you can get a desktop converter that enables standing as an option with the flip of a switch. No matter how you accomplish it, making it possible for employees to stand at work is worth the investment. They’ll enjoy benefits like better posture, improved heart health, and more calories burned for a more productive work day.

Look beyond individual workstations, too. Find improvement options in common areas — like collaboration spaces or meeting rooms — to incorporate ergonomic options. Swap old-school office chairs for ones with ample back support and cushioned seats. Even exploring wrist supports for keyboards and mice can help make working more comfortable.

Are these improvements required to improve workplace wellness? Absolutely not. But if you’re hoping to support your employees and offer them a more physically enjoyable work environment, they’re a great investment.

3. Create a Positive Work Environment

Workplace wellness isn’t limited to diet and exercise. How your team feels about work and toward their coworkers can play an instrumental role in their overall health. Combat negative emotions by fostering a positive work environment as best as possible.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an all-encompassing guide for how to accomplish this. However, you can start by identifying problem areas within your company or team. Uncover sources of frustration — like technology issues or unprofessional behavior. Then, devise a plan to correct those issues as quickly as possible.

Replace broken equipment or schedule time with the IT department to remedy the biggest tech problems. Coach the team about dealing with conflict in the workplace and clearly outline the steps they can take to resolve issues. Encourage open and honest communication with leadership and human resources to navigate larger, more sensitive concerns.

You won’t be able to solve every issue across the board. However, taking the steps toward making a positive change can only help your company culture. And that can go a long way in fostering a healthier, happier workplace.

4. Incentivize Healthy Habits

Motivation comes in many forms. Some people are motivated by the satisfaction of accomplishing a feat. Others find enjoyment in proving people wrong and surpassing goals. However, some people prefer a rewards-based system for doing the right thing when it comes to health and wellness. That’s where an incentive program comes into play.

That may be an official program that offers points for certain wellness activities. Go to your annual physical, and get a point. Join a gym, and get a point. Lower your blood pressure or cholesterol to a healthy level, and — you guessed it — get a point. Once you meet a threshold, you can earn a prize.

Or you may opt for a simpler, more straightforward approach. Each quarter, create a wellness challenge for a chance to win a prize pack. Feature the latest and greatest water bottle, headphones, or other technology with a gift card or two. Then, encourage participation by building teams and channels of communication to encourage sticking with it.

However you can gamify the wellness activities your company values most is worthwhile. You’ll create a bit of friendly competition, strengthen the bond of your team, and promote healthy habits. That’s the kind of workplace benefit you can’t help but love.

Wellness is Top of Mind

No matter how you do it, finding ways to motivate your team to invest in their health and wellness will pay dividends. They’ll be more focused at work, able to keep up at home, and have a better chance of feeling balanced all around. That creates happier, healthier employees who are empowered to excel in their roles. Talk about a recipe for success.


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