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7 Healthcare Strategic Challenges & How To Overcome

The Healthcare industry is one of the country’s critical sectors. It plays a vital role in maintaining the nation’s well-being. For the past few years, the medical industry has been struggling to cope with the rising number of patients. Today, the world sees many healthcare issues. An increasing number of human beings suffer from various illnesses, and severe diseases have become far too familiar. Many people have medical problems like chronic pain, fluctuations of blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar level. They survive on daily medications. The Healthcare industry sees a tumultuous time as the influx of patients makes it challenging for healthcare workers to accommodate them.

The rising number of patients and inadequate medical staff has a rippling effect, impacting the country’s other industries and areas. The cases of people’s medical condition deteriorating are hiking up as people often do not get healthcare workers’ timely intervention. Apart from the shortage of medical workers, the healthcare sector faces several other challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has made things more difficult as the medical professionals are in the grave spot. They provide medical assistance to affected people and are getting affected by the virus.

The following are some of the healthcare strategic challenges and a few solutions for them:

Technology Advancement Challenges

Technology has advanced the healthcare sector by leaps and bounds, and today, most medical practices are dependent on technological tools. Technology continues to bring forth new pieces of equipment and tools in every field. Healthcare has improved significantly as a result of innovations like radiology information systems, orthopedic PACS, cardiology PACS systems, and many other cloud-based creative solutions. The purpose is to ease the burden from healthcare workers’ shoulders and provide instant results. Many medical workers who hold command in their field, have years of experience, do not know the use of technological devices. They struggle with constant advancements and cannot seem to be at par with the progression. Sometimes they learn the use of a medical tool, and by the time they start practicing it, the new one enters the market, and they have to start the learning process all over again.

To overcome this challenge, healthcare workers should attend seminars and workshops. They need to keep themselves updated with the latest happening in the medical sector. Technology has helped the health administration department the most, as it has made data processing and analysis more straightforward. The healthcare industry offers various courses online, and enrolling in an Online Master of Health Administration will equip healthcare workers with advanced skills. They will get an in-depth insight into the field.

Shortage of Healthcare Workers and Medical Supplies

In many countries, healthcare systems are collapsing due to the increase in healthcare issues in people. An increasing number of healthcare workers are also getting sick and often need medical assistance. The shortage of healthcare workers results in the expanding workload of existing professionals. They get forced to put in long hours on duty. Extra workload leads to compromised healthcare services and low retention rates. Hiring more staff can help in overcoming the shortage and provide support to the healthcare system.

Shifting of Payment Models

Many healthcare facility centers have introduced a value-based payment model, proving to be effective in many cases. People are getting more inclined towards availing of medical insurance, and in many cases, a third party is involved. While the models have been successful in many cases, experts say that a proper structure will help shift payment models. Online payments have made the task easier on both ends, but the shift has changed many medical operations. Experts say that to tackle this problem, stakeholders, such as payers and insurance providers, can share existing data, synchronize workflows and streamline processes. They should use coordination technology that collects, evaluates, and further shares information with involved parties.

Rising Expenses

The cost of living is rising at an alarming rate, and medical facility centers grapple with managing their expenses. The rising cost of care doubles the healthcare fee, putting a strain on the public’s pocket. Healthcare experts can look for alternatives and conduct research to find grants and funds and bear healthcare facility centers expenses. On the other hand, virtual consultation will cut down the cost of doctor fees and save medical experts from electricity and additional expenses.

Ethical Differences

Most cities are turning cosmopolitan, where multi-ethnicities coexist. Reports of healthcare workers dealing with a particular ethnicity with superior treatment and subjecting certain ones to unfair therapies were published. On the other hand, healthcare workers often become a victim of the system and are maltreated. When medical workers attempt to pursue their cases in courts, it adds up to their expense. Sometimes, these cases take years to settle, and medical workers have to put in their energy and give their time.

A proper set of rules and regulations will help secure medical workers’ rights and help them combat injustice. The laws will ensure that healthcare workers deal with patients fairly and provide them with adequate treatments.


Medical facility centers use automation to record patients’ records, and it helps them read their medical history. Patients trust these centers and give them their sensitive information. Cybercriminals are becoming smarter by the day, and they steal valuable insights from healthcare facility centers. They use these data to carry out their malign attacks. A robust digital fence that ensures complete safety will help hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations keep the information secure. These anti-attacks software require regular updates. Medical facility centers should get tech-savvy people on board to have a proper security system in place.

Humongous Amount of Data

The rising number of patients has increased the amount of data that medical facility centers have to organize. While digital tools have made the data analysis comparatively easy, it has some limitations. Most software has a specific space and does not allow organizations to go beyond it. The solution is in upgrading and purchasing advanced level software, which offers ample space. Many healthcare professionals do not know the processing of a humongous amount of data. They disorganized it, which can create havoc in the system. Technological advancements can help in the analysis and make the task of data analytics much simpler.


Healthcare is a dynamic industry, which is continuously evolving. Health experts have to stay on toes and upgrade their systems and operations as per discoveries, new researches’ finding and latest technological tools. Proper planning, adequate and qualified staff, and successful strategy deployment help them survive in today’s medical landscape. Regular upgrading of laws and automated tools help in coping with the strategic challenges of the medical industry.


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