Falls are a major health concern in Australia and New Zealand. According to a website, each year, 30% of all Australians aged 65 and above fall down. The same website says that the percentage of people above 65 is set to increase from 13% in 2013 to 23 % in 2050. 

Fall-related injuries will lead to an increase in health and wellness costs. These expenses are slated to rise to more than AUD 1.5 billion in 2051. In New South Wales alone, the cost of hip injuries will rise from 139 million AUD in 2017 to 321 million AUD in 2051.

Supporting Equipment For Elderly to Avoid Fall and Trips

If you have an elderly relative in your home, you can prevent fall-related injuries by buying one of the protective equipment listed below to support your movements for daily chores. Hopefully, you should be able to avoid unnecessary medical costs by opting for this Equipment.

Toilet Safety Frame

Toilet Safety Frame

This toilet seat frame is meant for all those who find it difficult to sit down or get up from their seats. These handles on either side of the frame are adjustable, and the patient can manipulate these easily. This toilet seat frame comes with a toilet lid as well as a cistern. It is made of aluminum, is light, and is portable. We recommend it for your elderly family member for the following reasons:

a) It provides comfort, reliability, and toilet safety.

b) This frame is stable and gives support to all those who find getting up and sitting down for toilets extremely difficult

c) It is easy to clean and maintain.

d) Handles are packed with foam and can be easily gripped. 

e) Handles can also be adjusted by the users.



If you have an elderly patient who needs support in walking the having a walker is an excellent idea. Most of us know how walkers look and work. 

They come with 4 legs that give support to the patient in all the 4 directions. These legs are made of aluminum, and the entire walker is very light. If your relative is quite fragile and weak, then also he can use this walker. Walkers prevent the patient from falling down because the legs are covering him from all the 4 sides. There is no risk of slipping because the legs are fitted with rubber or plastic covers that give the walker a firm grip. If you have aging parents in your home and are considering buying a walker for him, then you may consult several companies such as Safety+Mobility, which can provide you with fall management solutions.

Fall management socks

You may also consider buying fall management socks for your elderly. These socks give a firm grip to the wearer because of the treads. These treads are present on the upper and bottom sides of the socks. These socks also cover and provide comfort to the swollen ankles and calves of the wearer. You can easily clean these socks.

Fall warning systems

A caregiver can know immediately when his elderly has fallen down. This device can be clipped to the back pocket of the patient. It has a magnetic disk that acts as a sensor. As soon as the patient falls down, an alarm will go off, informing the caregiver. When the battery of this alarm is very low, the bulb will switch on and warn the owner to recharge the battery.

Grab bars

Grab bars

You can also equip your bathroom with grab bars. These can be installed on both sides of the toilet so that the elderly can grab them. Grab bars come in various metals, but chromium plated bars look good and have high shelf lives.