Safe and Long-Lasting Tan All Year Round – How to Have It

During the summer, everyone looks forward to getting a fresh tan. However, this bronzy glow does not last into other seasons. Skin pigmentation reverts when there is less exposure to sunlight. Despite that, society has exerted indirect pressure on people to have perfectly tanned bodies all year round.

Although sunlight is unreliable, it is possible to achieve and maintain the perfect tan even with gloomy weather. Moreover, the methods mentioned do not involve an unhealthy amount of time spent under harmful UV rays.

Six Ways to Achieve and Maintain a Tan

Tanning refers to the sun-kissed glow that shows up after some exposure to direct sunlight. Due to increased social media consumption, the aesthetic of a glowing tan has grown in popularity. However, it is essential to note that an intense tan can signify skin damage. Sunburn and skin damage can occur when people expose themselves for long periods to the sun, especially without sunscreen.

Read on for some safe ways of achieving a glowy, long-term, tanned look.

Using Fake Tanning Products

Overexposing ourselves to direct UV rays causes severe skin damage and possibly even cancer. Fake tans offer a similar darker pigmentation faster and without the risk. Fake tanning products are also not as seasonal as the sun. It is important, however, to ensure that the products used to get a fake tan are authentic and consist of safe, organic materials. Additionally, pick suitable tanning lotions for your skin type for the best results. It is also vital to follow the instructions on the packaging and have a proper skincare routine to help keep the skin healthy.

Applying Sunscreen

Technological advancements have led to the development of better protective formulas that ensure there is little to no damage to the skin when tanning. When selecting a sunscreen, veer away from simple SPF formulas and go for products that bear the term “broad spectrum.” Also, make sure to pick a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type. For instance, SPF 50 is superior to SPF30 for lighter skin tones, while SPF 15 is appropriate for darker shades.

Adopting a Sun-Friendly Diet

As strange as it may seem, sun-friendly foods exist. These foods enhance the production of lycopene, the body’s natural SPF. Studies show that the antioxidant properties found in tomatoes and other vegetables increase natural SPF production by up to 33%. Omega-3 acids available in fatty fish also offer anti-inflammatory effects that help calm the skin. Including these ingredients in your diet can help increase one’s resilience to sunlight and, in turn, the longevity of a tan.

Maintaining a Proper Skincare Routine

Having attained that perfect tanned look, a thorough and effective skincare routine is the seal to that flawless glow. Beauty regimens may vary depending on skin type. However, there are basic steps necessary for every effective skincare routine. They include cleansing, moisturizing, and toning.

Straying Away From Mixing Products

Sunscreen and tanning products provide alternative options for maintaining a long-term tan. However, the two methods must be exclusive as the DHA in fake tan products will break down the protective factor of the SPF.

Exfoliating Regularly

Exfoliating can entail a range of techniques, from dry brushing to utilizing chemical exfoliants. The exfoliating removes dead skin and ingrown hairs while helping extend the life of your tan.

Always Consider Your Safety When Picking a Tanning Method

Ultimately, the motivations for tanning vary across backgrounds. However, most importantly, taking care of the skin, both from the inside and the outside, complements any tanning method. Skin health is also critical when deciding on a tanning method. Whichever technique you choose to employ, safety is of utmost importance.


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