9 Ways To Maintain Healthy, Youthful Skin

The largest organ in the human body, the skin, protects the other organs from damage and illnesses. But what happens when the skin is compromised? It impairs its ability to be an effective barrier. That’s why it is crucial to take care of your skin.

To attain perfect healthy skin might seem like a monumental challenge to many people, especially with the innumerable skin products available in the market. Not everyone is adept at picking the perfect skincare products.

However, most people are unaware that you can ensure healthy skin just by getting the basics right. You don’t really need an incredibly sophisticated skincare routine.

Here are some quick, simple, but essential tips to care for your skin the right way.

1. Ensure sun protection

Shielding your skin from sun exposure and damage is crucial as it could lead to severe burns or even skin cancer. Therefore, choose a high-quality, water-resistant sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection, such as SPF 30 or higher. Make sure to apply it at least half an hour before going out into the sun and reapply as required.

2. Follow a healthy diet

Research suggests that it is important to increase vegetable and fruit consumption to maintain healthy skin. It has been scientifically proven that there is a direct relationship between nutrition and skin health.

Typically, your diet should include fish oil, healthy fats, lean meat, and refined carbohydrates, among other things. Also, walnuts and flax seeds can boost omega-3, enabling the skin to retain moisture for a longer time.

3. Avoid smoking

It is advisable to reduce or quit smoking as it tends to age the skin quicker, resulting in wrinkles and dark patches. That’s because it cuts down oxygen supply and nutrients to the skin’s outer layers, lowering collagen production and elasticity. In some cases, it can also worsen already existing skin conditions such as hidradenitis suppurativa and psoriasis.

4. Be gentle with your skin

Using extremely hot water for baths, roughly scrubbing the dead skin cells, or harsh soaps can also adversely affect the skin. Also, if you shave using unreliable blades and forget to moisturize after, it could lead to dryness, cracks, or painful sores in severe cases. So, you must always treat your skin gently and with utmost care.

5. Use good quality skin products

You should avoid using cheap, potentially harmful skincare products if you want to maintain perfect healthy skin. Instead, look for quality products without sulfur, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. It is best to use mild soaps, serums, lotions, and moisturizers if you have sensitive skin. Alternatively, you can use regular skincare products for a normal skin type.

6. Get enough sleep

Inadequate sleep time can have adverse effects on the skin. For instance, you may develop baggy eyes or dark circles. Also, it is critical to use sheets and pillowcases that aren’t rough on the skin. Else, they can contribute to dry skin, rough patches, and flaking. So, sleeping smart is as important as getting enough sleep.

7. Exfoliate regularly

It is critical to scrub away dead skin cells that form periodically on the surface of the skin. Otherwise, they tend to form scales and patches, resulting in irritable skin ailments. You can use mild exfoliating scrubs and moisturize afterward gently.

Pumice stones can be used to remove flaky, dry skin from under the feet. You can also opt for professional chemical exfoliating treatments such as derma peels once a month to keep skin healthy and young.

8. Keep your makeup brushes clean

Makeup brushes tend to gather residue if left uncleaned and out in the open for a long time. Using brushes in such a condition can cause severe infections or rashes on the skin. That’s why you must clean them at least once or twice a month.

To clean the brushes, take a few drops of mild shampoo in your palm, wet the brushes in lukewarm water, and gently massage the bristles clean. Take care to avoid wetting the metal parts of the brushes, as it could loosen the glue and cause the bristles to fall out.

9. Reduce stress

Extreme stress can cause skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Several researchers also claim that stress can worsen conditions such as acne and rosacea. So, it is vital to maintain a stress-free environment to avoid such unpleasant and painful flare-ups.

If the anxiety and stress are too challenging to manage on your own, you can consult a medical professional for guidance.

Besides these practical and cost-effective ways to maintain perfect healthy skin, you should also ensure you drink plenty of water every day. That’s because staying hydrated within is as important as hydrating the skin from the outside. Sufficient moisturization is also a key factor in maintaining good skin health.


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