10 things to do before stepping out in summer

Almost everyone has a love and hate relationship with the summer heat. It impacts our bodies in many ways, but its negative effects are more severe than the positive. Human physiology cannot take environmental abuse for too long, especially when it is completely defenseless against the scorching heat. 

Sunlight is synonyms with UV rays, which have some brazen effects on human physiology. We need it to survive, but too much of it can offset the normal functioning of the human body. Summer heat and the breeze might look tempting, but the consequences of staying outdoors in summer for too long are drastic. 

You might be eager to throw a pool or BBQ party for your friends and family, but if you don’t adopt the necessary precautions to deflect the sunlight, then you’ll be spending more time in the hospitals than out in the open. 

Following are the 10 things you must do before going out in the summer:

Take Care of Your Skin

The UV rays emitted from the sun are injurious to human health in more ways than you imagine. It is among the prime factors that lead to skin cancer and a few other skin related diseases. You cannot breeze through this summer season without protecting your skin from the harsh effects of the sunlight. 

The intense UV rays damage your DNA, raising the possibility of you falling victim to cancerous cells. The intensity of these rays disrupts the normal physiology and functioning of your body and weakens your body’s defense mechanism exponentially.

Damaged DNA is the prime reason behind the malfunctioning of your body and should be treated immediately. Using sunscreen is the preventive measure that not only deflects harmful rays, but it helps your body perform its normal functions smoothly. But using a DNA repair cream assists you in treating the already damaged DNA and revives it back to its normal condition.

Therefore, if you want your skin to stay unblemished and cancer-free, then use sunscreen of maximum SPF and apply DNA repair cream as a safety precaution to maximize the protection net around your body. 

Keep Your Body Hydrated

If you have an inkling about the drastic effects of water deficiency on the human body, then you’ll realize how the situation can be more difficult in summer. To keep our body cool and healthy, the human body increases the consumption of water and uses the water in your cells completely.

It also tries to keep your body cool by sweating the excess temperature as much as possible. The more you sweat, the more your body will crave water to make up for the loss of water. Therefore, make sure to drink more water before you go out. 

Police your Diet Plan

Believe it or not, what you eat throughout the summer determines your body’s reaction to environmental conditions. Make sure to eat foods that leave cooling effects on your body and decrease the temperature of your body. Foods that have high water content and are light for your stomach will help your body perform at its best. 

Junk food, including oily and spicy food, increases the temperature of your body by reducing the water content of your body. Avoid such food and eat succulent fruits and vegetables to make up for the water loss from your body. 

Steer Clear of Alcohol

Try to avoid consuming alcohol when you have plans of going out in the summer. Alcohol affects your body’s physiology negatively and forces your hydration level to a minimum. Even if you drink alcohol, then make sure to eat loads of water afterward to avoid fainting because of dehydration. 

Plan your Day Out

You might think that what’s so special about planning your day out, but this little detail can make your life a lot easier during the summer heat. You cannot avoid going out entirely, but make sure to plan your day around the noon clock and avoid going out when the sun is at its peak in the sky. 

The less you expose yourself to the outside heat, the better it will be for your body’s vital functions. 

Wear the Right Clothes

We all know that each season has different fashion needs that are determined by the changing weather. Summer heat requires you to change the contents of your wardrobe altogether. Try to wear clothes that help the circulation of blood in your body along with the sweat absorption. 

Cotton and light material clothes are a perfect choice for a day out during the summer season. They provide enough breathability for the summer breeze to pass through easily to keep your body cool and cozy. Markets are filled with clothes that are made from UVB material that is known for deflecting UV rays efficiently. 

Cover Yourself Up

We have talked about different material types you can wear during the scorching summer heat. But the summer fashion is all about covering up your body the right way to deflect the UV rays as much as possible. Use cotton scarves and wide beam caps to shield your neck and face from the sun.

Sunglasses are also an essential accessory that saves your eyes from the intense sunlight. Your eyes are the most sensitive spot of your body apart from your skin; therefore, use sunglasses that deflect maximum UV rays. 

Minerals & Electrolytes

Sometimes the summer heat is so strong that drinking water is not enough to make up for the water loss immediately. You might need to ingest minerals and electrolytes orally to regain your strength, or else you can’t avoid conventional body strains of summer such as sunburns and heatstroke, etc. 

Buy the Summer Bags

You might think of it as insignificant, but make sure to prepare a bag stocked with a water bottle, succulent foods, sunscreen, minerals, and electrolytes whenever you go out. You can never be too sure about the things you might need on a hot day, so buying an insulated carry bag for your outdoor fun is imperative.

Pay Attention to your Medical Needs

Summer clothes and fashion trends are the things you can avoid in favor of taking care of your health. If you have special health needs, then make sure you know about their relationship and consequences with the summer heat. If a medicine makes you thirsty or sweaty, then avoid eating it before going out. 

Bottom Line:

Summer is perfect for pool parties and BBQ get-togethers, but exposing yourself to intense summer heat directly might cause several health problems for your body. Educate yourself by researching this stuff to enjoy your summer the fullest without breaking down.


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