There is no need to go on and on about the well-known health benefits of CBD. Although there are some skeptics, the effectiveness of this medicine is pretty well-proven. While it doesn’t exactly cure any diseases, it can be used to treat a lot of different conditions. The CBD industry has come a long way in the last few years, and that is why consumers now have a lot more options than good ole’ CBD oil. Still, we should ask: Is it better to stick with the oil? Are smokable Hemp flower actually better in any way? Let’s consider that question.

First Question: Do You Like To Smoke?

A lot of the people who are interested in CBD are people that have medical conditions of some sort. These are often people who have not been satisfied with the care and/or medicine they received from mainstream sources. If any of those conditions include a breathing problem, then you should not smoke Hemp (or anything else, for that matter).

Still, for those who do enjoy smoking, Hemp provides a flavorful and healthy alternative to tobacco. While inhaling smoke can never exactly be “good” for you. Cannabis smoke is definitely a lot less carcinogenic than anything that comes from a cigarette. Some have even found that a good alternative (like Hemp) can help someone to quit smoking cigarettes.

Second Question: Do You Like the Taste of Hemp?

This is largely a matter of personal preference, but there is no sense in using something unpleasant. If you happen to enjoy the taste of Hemp, the smokable variety is probably going to be more appealing. If you are simply interested in the medicinal benefits and nothing else, CBD oil can be mixed with many things to disguise its flavor.

Third Question: Has CBD Oil Ever Given You Digestive Issues?

Although it is rare, CBD oil has been known to cause mild stomach upset in some people. We should emphasize that it normally takes a very large dose to make this happen, but it can happen all the same. For this reason, some people find that it is easier to smoke their CBD instead. For those who really want to get a large dose but find that it upsets their stomach, smokable Hemp flowers are definitely the better option.

Which Is More Effective?

The above three questions were designed to gauge your personal preferences. This is because both CBD oil and Hemp flower are effective ways to get a good functional dose of CBD. However, it is worth asking ourselves if either one of these ways is more efficient or effective than the other.

A lot of people might think that smoking is a less efficient way because of the fact that the material is being burned. However, scientific studies have repeatedly shown that the bioavailability of CBD is fairly low when it is taken orally. According to this study, the absorption rate is somewhere between 13% and 19%, and most estimates are within this same ballpark.

We can see that CBD is not that efficient when eaten, and this is (probably) why you need a highly concentrated CBD product (like oil or distillates) to get the desired effect. Smoking, however, seems to have the potential for much higher absorption rates. According to this study, the bioavailability of CBD ranges from 2-56% when smoked. This is a huge range, partly because of the variations in potency from one flower to another. This wide range is also due to the differences in the cannabinoid metabolism of different individuals.

Can You Use Both At The Same Time?

There is no reason you cannot use both CBD oil and smokable Hemp flowers simultaneously. According to Hemp Saves, you should be careful if you want to double dip. CBD will not cause a fatal overdose or anything, but too much of anything can be harmful. As you may know, the FDA has only approved one CBD-based drug (a seizure medicine called Epidiolex). According to the guidelines for this drug, you should range your dosage between 5 mg and 10 mg per kilogram of your body weight.

Here’s another little idea you can try. The next time you pack some Hemp flower in your pipe, you should put just a single drop of CBD oil on top. As the flowers burn, the oil will heat up and soak into what is left of the bud. The result will be a supercharged dose of CBD with an immediate effect. You could also add a very thin stripe to a paper before rolling your Hemp.


If you are expecting a conclusive answer here, you might be disappointed. In the end, you will have to answer the question for yourself because it will depend on your preferences and needs. While that may seem like a stock answer, it is the correct one.

There are many different Hemp products because there are many different kinds of people in the world, but it is clear that smokable Hemp flower has a few key advantages. It offers more of a chance to enjoy Hemp’s flavor and quell one’s urges to smoke other things. It also offers a good option for those with sensitive stomachs.

Most importantly, smoking seems to offer a more efficient pathway for CBD to get into your system. Still, CBD oil offers a greater degree of versatility in its use, and there is something to be said for that. Regardless of which of these things is more important to you, we hope that our work has been helpful.