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11 Everyday Habits that Drain Your Energy

Have you noticed that sometimes you are exhausted and depressed for no reason? Probably, your bad everyday habits are the root of this serious problem. Some rituals, which you repeat every day, drain your energy, which makes you feel worse. 

The great news is that now you can identify your bad habits and get rid of them. Check the following information to learn what actions you should take to become a happier man. You will be surprised how little changes in your daily routine can make your life different.

Having a stressful job

If you are an individual, who finds it difficult to cope with the stress, why you have chosen a job, which doesn’t suit you at all? If you feel uncomfortable in the workplace, this is a huge problem, which you should solve immediately. In case an inadequate boss, unfriendly coworkers, challenging tasks, and tight deadlines annoy you, you should get quit today.

If you are a stockbroker and you love to risk, it’s great. But if you don’t have nerves of steel, you shouldn’t live in a stressful environment. You don’t need to have this job to prove everyone your manhood and masculinity.

You can be a happier person if you will find a new job, which will not depress you. Changing a career path, you can change your life for the better. And yes, it’s possible to get a job, which will not drain your energy, but which will bring you enough money. 

Eating unhealthy food

What kind of food do you usually consume? Do you prefer organic vegetables and meat cooked at home or fatty burgers from the local fast-food restaurant? If you eat mostly junk food, it’s unlikely that you feel truly happy and energetic.

The point is that minerals and vitamins are even more important for men’s health than you think. Your body cannot normally work without enough supply of the nutritive elements. And if you have any problems with your health from obesity to high blood pressure, you should change your diet.

Even if you are a very young man, you still shouldn’t consume processed food, which is full of colorants, preservatives, and synthetic sweeteners. It can happen that diseases will start worrying you in 1-2 years. So, if you want to feel good and look attractive for many years, it’s time to start a healthy diet right now.

Thinking negatively

Do you know that optimists live longer than pessimists? Scientists proved the fact that those people, who tend to think negatively, drain their energy too intensively. For this reason, if you want to have a better life, it’s time to get rid of the bad thoughts.

Next time, when your car will be taken to the penalty area by an evacuator, don’t lose your mind. You can enjoy an opportunity to walk home alone, listening to the birds singing. 

Or you can also ask your attractive female colleague to drive you home. It’s a great chance to know her better and ask her out for a cup of coffee.

Skipping workouts

Some men wrongly believe that they should skip a workout when they feel tired after a long working day. But in fact, regular physical exercises don’t drain you but give you energy. 

Moreover, if you are tired mentally – workouts are the best way to help your brain to relax. When you train your body, you give your mind a rest. 

If you have lost an important client at work, or if your girlfriend has dumped you, don’t stay at home to drink tequila with your friends. You should better go jogging in the park or visit a gym to reduce emotional stress levels and save your mental health.

Regretting about the past

If you replay “What If” situations in your head, again and again, you should get rid of this awful habit. What if I accepted another job offer, what if I didn’t spend $500 on ex-girlfriend’s present, what if I trained harder – stop asking yourself these questions. You will never know a true answer. 

Remember, you live only once, and you make a mistake every day – and there is nothing wrong with you. If you didn’t make the mistake you regret, you would never become who you are today.

It’s impossible to turn back the time. Unfortunately, a time travel machine doesn’t exist. So, stop regretting about your yesterday and start thinking about your tomorrow.

Being too attached to material things

Will you get mad at your dog if it chews your favorite pair of shoes? This is just a piece of your garment, so why will you worry about that? You can buy a new pair of shoes online just in an hour. 

You should make your life easier and stop getting attached to material things such as attire because it drains your energy. If you find it difficult to drive away old stuff, this is a problem. 

All things which matter for you should fit into two travel bags. Do you have tons of useless stuff in your closet? It’s time to send it to a landfill or donate it to charity. 

Staring at your phone’s screen for hours

How many hours per day do you spend online? How many times per day do you check emails and messages on social media? 

Gadget addiction is a modern problem, which affects users all over the world. And if you excessively use your gadget, you are a victim of this modern addiction as well.

The more time you spend scrolling Facebook, the less time you have for more important activities. Social networks are huge time wasters, so you should be careful using them.

First of all, you shouldn’t use your smartphone an hour before bedtime and one hour after wake up. In this period, your nervous system shouldn’t be overloaded with tons of useless information from social media. It’s really important to optimize your brain’s disposal system to save vital energy.


Have you ever noticed that you get tired after fatty lunch? When you overeat, your body uses all its energy to digest food. This is a true reason why you feel sleepy after dinner.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to solve this problem. You don’t need to stick to a specific diet or restrict yourself somehow. You can eat the same meals if you divide them into smaller portions.

It will help you to normalize the digesting process. As a result, you will start feeling fresh and energetic every day.

Unhealthy relationship

What kind of relationship do you have with your girlfriend? Is this just like living in paradise or hell?

If she daily “attacks” you with the scandals and hysterics, it’s unlikely that she makes your life better. Trying to deal with her mistrust and objections, you lose your vital energy day by day.

It’s time to ask yourself whether good sex and tasty pancakes for breakfasts are worth all your efforts. What does your girlfriend take from you, and what does she give you in return? Try to analyze the situation and decide whether it’s time to break up.

Is she a girl you want to stay with forever? If no, say goodbye and sigh with relief. It’s better to be an alone happy wolf than suffer from an unhealthy relationship.

Drinking alcohol

Most people assume that alcohol helps to relax and fell asleep easily. Do you agree with this popular point of view? Do you also drink a glass of bourbon, hoping to sleep better?

Well, alcohol really can help you to sleep for longer, but the quality of your sleep will be much worse. You will likely wake a few times at night or see terrible dreams. As a result, you will feel even less rested in the morning.

Unhealthy sleeping habits

An adult man should sleep at least 7 hours a day and preferably go to bed before midnight. So, if you sleep only 4 hours a day or fall asleep after 2 a.m., don’t be surprised that you feel exhausted during the day. Night sleep is important for your brain and body because, during this time, cells regenerate.

The problem is that if you do not change your sleeping habits in the future, the consequences will be irreversible. You will face such problems as a worsening of the short-term memory and appearance of the terrible headaches. It sounds pretty terrible.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, you can always find a solution. You can drink a cup of chamomile tea 2 hours before bed. Another great option is meditation, which helps you relax and forget about all your incomplete assignments until tomorrow. Learning to delegate tasks to other people or specialized businesses like writing companies might also be helpful so that you stop pondering over your endless tasks when going to bed.

Final thoughts

If you want to feel happy and energetic, you should stop losing your time and efforts on activities, which harm your physical and mental health. You should get rid of all worries and let something new and exciting come into your life. 

Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to change your everyday habits, but your efforts will be worth results. You are a strong man who can cope with any challenges and achieve the most ambitious goals.


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