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10 Muscular Exercises You Should Try in 2020

Both for the loss of body weight, to be healthier or, why not, out of sheer boredom, any excuse is good for practicing exercise.

Also, it is not necessary to spend money to do sports, you can do it on the street, in a park or the living room of your house.

Dedicating some time to perform simple and basic exercises, along with a balanced diet and healthy habits, you will realize that your body and mind will be in a better state.

Health2Wellness offers you 10 exercises that you can carry out, depending on the area you want to tone, and that will only take time.

Abdominal exercises

1. Abdominals

For both men and women, a perfect solution to toning the belly. We are very familiar with this movement. However, we must take into account the three areas of the abdomen: the upper, lower and lateral.

While to exercise the upper zone we will resort to the traditional abdominals with the legs bent, the lower part is toned thanks to that same exercise but with the legs stretched out.

Finally, for the lateral area, where the oblique muscles are located, position yourself in profile and with your elbow resting on the floor, raise and lower your hips.

2. Multi-hop

It seems absurd, but it is true. Jumping is a movement that benefits and activates your pulsations, in addition to its toning function in the muscles of the legs. The multi-jump is a movement in which you must jump, while you open your legs in the air and touch your head with your hands.

3. Burpees

It is a movement involving a large number of muscles, including the pectoral, the biceps, the gluteus, and the quadriceps. The exercise consists, basically, of squatting, with your hands resting on the ground, and, from this same position, stretch your legs back and then return to the starting position. After stretching the legs, we must finish the movement with a vertical jump.

Muscular exercises

1. Squats

Dedicate importance to your legs, because they deserve them. Squats are the exercise with which you will strengthen the muscles of your legs and glutes.

It is a simple up and down movement, while we stretch our arms and our body is entirely rigid. Do not forget that to prevent avoidable back pain; it is important not to separate the ankles too much (at shoulder height).

2. Waist rotations

An effortless movement with great results, consists of, naturally, standing in a firm position, facing forward, and turning the body three times on each side, keeping the legs and feet in the initial position.

3. Push-ups

The ideal exercise for the pectoral area and perfectly valid exercise for both men and women. Perform the exercise with your hands together, strengthen the arms; on the contrary, the separate hands reinforce the chest muscles. Depending on the area you want to dedicate, you must choose one or the other movement.

4. Funds

This exercise commonly used when we already have a pectoral base. It can be done on bars or using other materials to execute it. The movement consists of using the arms placed in a bar or support element to raise the weight of your body.

Cardiovascular exercise

1. Skipping forward

The skipping position is the same as before a race. The difference lies in the fact that, after applying for the initial position, the forward knee should rise in a jump, accompanied by a movement of arms. This movement must be repeated several times to have its effect on the circulation and the extensor musculature.

2. The output of alternating tacos

As if you were going to run a marathon, go alternating each foot until placing it in a jump, next to where you have your hands, resting on the ground.

3. Jumps to the chest

The position should start on a straight trunk and stand on the tips of the feet. Next, we must jump, bringing the knees to the chest. If you do not reach that area, do not be discouraged! Try to achieve a higher level every day, and the challenge will be overcome.

Problems such as obesity or depression have a lot to do with the fact that we abandon many healthy habits and practices due to lack of time. Dedicate half an hour each day to practice any of these exercises and enjoy better health and beauty, inside and out.


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