Dental care is very important for everyone regardless of age. Dental health is the key to good overall health; the dental problems result in other problems such as; inability to eat, pain, bad breath and even impairs your ability to speak properly, all problems which can drastically affect one’s life. There are studies suggesting that the bacteria in gum disease can move to your heart causing other problems such as heart disease, stroke and clogged arteries; thus poor dental health can bring more than just mouth problems such as arthritis, diabetes, chronic inflammation and even cause problems with pregnancy. That is why Dr Tosun Dental Clinic offers more than just dental services; they believe in a ‘prevention is better than cure’ attitude thus, they educate you on how to maintain good dental hygiene by showing you the proper way to brush your teeth and give you a detailed report of the state of your dental hygiene.

The Importance of a Dental Health Plan

Some claim that dental health should not be part of health insurance packages because they see them as more cosmetic than health purposes; they could never be more wrong. In case you are wondering whether you need to have dental care as part of your basic health plan, you do; you can develop dental or oral problems at any time and even out of the blue, maybe as a result of continued neglect of dental hygiene, through an accident or an illness. Having dental care as part of your health insurance is an added bonus as it makes things easier; however, most dental services are not covered by medical insurance, and you will need to purchase dental insurance separately or through your employer. Given the relation between overall health and dental health, it is better for you to choose insurance that covers both. The benefits of having your dental care as part of your health insurance are:

Problems are found early

Getting your teeth checked when you visit your doctor ensures frequent dental cleaning and exams thus, any issues you develop will be detected early enough before they become serious, this also saves up on the cost since the more severe the case, the more expensive the remedy is.

Protection from financial risk

As we mentioned earlier, dental issues can come up at any age and time and come out of the blue even with proper preventive measures through an illness or accident, and the remedy can be very costly, especially if you had not planned for it beforehand. Having your dental care as part of your health insurance ensures you are covered in case of such.

Dental health can affect your overall health

As mentioned earlier, your oral health can affect your overall health by increasing your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and arthritis. Dr Tariq Khoory, a Dubai honorary chairman in an international annual meeting of oral health practitioners that, “Those who have dental hygiene tend to be healthier than those who are having bad oral hygiene. We request that the basic dental treatment should be part of the insurance, even if the insurance package will go a little bit higher.” Moreover, a survey by YouGov showed that approximately 89% (453 of 509) of the people with UAE coverage advocate for dental care being a mandatory part of the UAE health insurance system. Markus Sebastian, the company’s senior vice president and the managing director of the Middle East-Africa (Europe), believes that UAE “can play a crucial role in raising the bar through wider access to dental care which, when included in health insurance could help more people benefit from the timely care.”

It’s a rare person who wouldn’t like to enjoy affordable, high-quality dental and oral health services. And though one can easily find a top-notch dental health clinic in the UAE today, getting professional dental care can cost you a fortune. And poor dental care can take its toll on patients’ overall health, which, in turn, can lead to deterioration of the country’s healthcare standards. Such a situation raises concerns among both patients who seek professional assistance for dental problems and dental care providers. According to experts, the UAE can benefit from including dental care as part of health insurance in many ways. This step will help thousands of citizens receive timely preventative and restorative dental care and significantly decrease the number of patients who currently don’t have full coverage dental insurance or sufficient funds to pay for dental services.