These days group health insurance policy has become a need. This policy is a part of insurance that offers huge financial coverage for the medical expenses and even the surgical process if the insured is admitted to the hospital.

In Dubai, UAE, different medical insurance products are given to the employees and their family members. These policies of group health insurance in Dubai are designed to offer protection against the heavy medical expenses and illness.

The Law that Set the rules

For many medium and small-scale enterprises in Dubai, the HR executives must follow the strict law that has been set in the year 2015 starting the 100 to 999 employees should have their health insurance. HR executives get complete control over choosing a plan, especially if the organization has more than 100 employees working.

If you get the right advice, you will be then able to customize the group health insurance policy, so that company’s requirement is also met. Of course, to begin with, price should always be the first important factor.

The price of group health insurance

As said before, choosing the plan of group health insurance in Dubai, the price should be set well. Just like you get what you will be paying for, insurance is also no difference. As per the authority set by the team of Dubai health, it has been stated that employees are eligible to avail of the Essential Benefits Plan.

This means those who have a salary of AED 4,000 or less than that on a monthly basis can avail it. This is usually the lowest of the plan that you can find in Dubai. The price of this is AED 650 per individual. This plan can be found in several insurance companies. No matter from which company you choose it, you are liable to only the similar benefits from all.

For the employees who have high salary can choose an alternative form which costs AED 850 per individual. There are huge advantages associated with it by the DHA Along with limited medical networking.

If there is an emergency case the hospital visits allowed that need hospitalization. Other than this, policyholders can choose a clinic from different options. Before they get any kind of medical services, it is advised for the policy member to speak with the General Practitioner in advance on this.

Other than this, the company can also opt for the group health insurance plan that offers comprehensive medical Advantages which can vary between AED 1,500 to AED 5,500 per individual. You may find it to be a huge range but if you pay a high premium, then there are better hospital networking and benefits too.

Tiered medical Advantages

To control the cost of medical insurance in Dubai, many companies chose the common way to create different categories of advantages for groups of employees. The division of the members into three groups is made (Like A, B, and C) there are different advantages level given to every group. This may seem unfair, but it makes sense as well.

It is not necessary that every employee would need similar benefits. Suppose, if some policy members must travel abroad frequently, then they can opt for the policy that comes with international coverage since the policy with coverage in different countries can be pricey. This makes complete sense to avail such benefits for the employees who have their job roles with frequent travel visits.

Being an HR, you must be practical when it comes to the requirements of the company. If the employees must travel internationally, say twice a year, then it is advised to purchase a plan that comes with global coverage.

Advantages of health insurance in Dubai

Rent of the room

If the insured gets admitted to the hospital, the person will have to pay the room expenses. But with medical insurance, it is possible to get coverage for these expenses for a certain period.

Pre & Post Hospitalization Coverage

Some effective medical insurance policies cover the post and even pre-hospitalization expenses for a certain period after and before the insured is hospitalized.

Get the treatment completely cashless

Most of the insurance companies in Dubai and overall UAE, along with the collaboration of various hospitals, offer a cashless medical treatment facility. This means the insured once gets admitted, doesn’t have to pay anything. The policyholder needs to offer the policy number, and all other things will be taken care of by the health insurance and the hospital.

Wrap Up

Other than this, transportation expenses, medical check-ups, no claim bonus are also some of the parts of the insurance that a policyholder can get. It is on the company to choose the plan for employees, which can save their money and is safe for them as well.