Having those tell tale dimples from cellulite is something that many women struggle with. See, the problem is that women have a layer of fat right under the layer of skin so that estrogen can flow freely throughout the body.

Having cellulite then doesn’t mean that you need to lose weight. In fact, women who are thin are just as prone to having cellulite as women who have a few pounds to shed.

So, can you exercise your cellulite away? The answer is, it depends. The issue is where the fat is distributed, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and your genetics. 

One thing is for sure, there are ways of reducing your cellulite, but exercise alone won’t do it. And if you do the right exercises, then you’ll help your odds of smoothing out your dimples.

Should you get a procedure?

Since sometimes there really is no exercise or diet that will get rid of your cellulite, you may need to get a procedure done. As was already mentioned, you can be skinny and still have cellulite.

Liposuction was probably your first thought, but there are non-invasive procedures now that don’t require anesthesia or a long recovery. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that kills fat cells by freezing them and allowing the body to flush the dead cells away slowly.

You should surely check this out if you have been trying unsuccessfully to get rid of your cellulite. Check out spamedica.com for more information about it, as this is a procedure they are certified to perform. 

Smooth it out

Cellulite looks the way it does due to how the fat is distributed. To get rid of those dimples, sometimes just requiring the fat to be smoothed out.

There are a few ways to do this without exercise. One is to use some massage techniques. Learn some deep tissue massage that you can do yourself on the trouble spots. Usually, these are the thighs and buttocks that are the most likely to be problems.

Now, it isn’t so much that the massage will rub the fat into being smooth, it is more like the circulation in that area will bring collagen and more oxygen to help redistribute the fat cells and could end up smoothing it out.


Your diet also plays a part, so even if you are working out regularly, you could be swimming against the stream as your diet is increasing your cellulite. 

A low glycemic diet will help you burn fat faster than just by exercise alone. This may be enough to reduce your cellulite. If you’re going to eat meat, then make sure it is lean. Chicken breast and beef flank are good cuts that are lean and full of protein. 

Cut out processed foods entirely and focus on cutting down on carbs and sugars. Read labels well as there is sugar lurking in many items at the supermarket. Hence the need to get processed foods out of your diet.