If you are thinking about renovating your bedroom or office, you might want to look at buying a platform box spring rather than buying a regular spring. This is because of the benefits box springs have to offer. If you haven’t heard about them, here are some of their best features. They are very inexpensive compared to ordinary beds and will increase comfort for your body as well as give you the added benefit of not having a box spring on top of the bed.

box spring on top of the bed

A platform box spring bed is made with two box springs that support the mattress, which sits atop the frame. The first set of bedsits is generally placed underneath the mattress and run along the outside edges of the platform. These bedsits are generally made of wood, cork, vinyl, or any other material that will resist slipping and falling on your bed. The second set of bed slats are typically placed directly over the foundation rails. These are made of more durable materials and will usually include solid wood or metal pieces.


Platform box spring beds are great for people who like to have the option to customize their beds. You can get the choice between two different types of bed base. If you prefer the traditional hardwood box spring bed frame, you can buy a hardwood bed base with no headboards or footboards. Many of these bed bases do not have the headboard or footboard built in so you would need those items to customize them. You can also choose from various styles such as the classic or standard box spring bed base. The standard bed base is usually lower in price and will fit into many standard bedrooms or entryways, while the classic style will be higher in cost and is often seen in high-end bedrooms.


Many people may opt for the standard box springs because of their affordability, and therefore box spring is inevitable. However, they also typically have lower quality compared to other options. This is because the materials used in making them are lower in quality. The standard box springs normally have three inches of thickness, whereas the luxury options offer up to six inches of thickness.


An important factor to consider when purchasing a platform box spring is how deep it allows for your bed and the mattress that you will place on it. The deepness of the bed will determine the durability of the platform. Some of these beds allow for you to install a mattress of any depth, provided that you add the amount of padding that the company recommends. In addition to the thickness of the bed, you must also take into consideration the thickness of the box spring pads. The better quality of these pads will provide better support and less strain on your back as well as improve your overall comfort.

Size of the Mattress

Size of the Mattress

Another feature to take into consideration when purchasing a box spring is the size of the mattress pad. If you purchase an expensive bed base, you should expect that it will also have higher quality padding installed. If you buy an inexpensive one, you may notice that it does not provide you with the same level of comfort. It is important to buy the right size mattress pad so that you do not sacrifice comfort.

Bunk Bed

Box spring is the most popular bedding choice for a bunk bed. It is a mattress topper that provides extra support for a bunks bed and also protects your mattress. Box springs were originally used as railroad sleepers but have found their way into many bedrooms over the years. These sturdy box springs are made out of different woods and are either made of hardwood or compressed wood. There are many reasons why a bunk bed would use a box spring, including safety and comfort.

Comfort and Safety

Comfort and Safety

The benefits of using a box spring bed are many, including increased comfort and safety. This is generally made of a heavy wood frame, with slats on each side forming a box structure on which the bed can be placed. This kind of bed is especially suited for any type of mattress, from traditional mattresses to memory foam. 

Different Styles

Platform beds are the more popular option out of both of these for many reasons. As already stated above there are lots of different styles available, they also have much more storage options than a box spring bed does, and this is what a platform bed has to offer as well. One of the best advantages is the fact that they’re much cheaper than a traditional spring bed which is ideal for those of us that may not have a lot of extra money available. Also, they’re extremely easy to assemble, which is another great plus point. So here is how a platform bed can help you.


There are many advantages to owning at least one platform bed. If you’ve ever seen someone sleep on a box spring bed you will understand the benefits of them. It’s perfectly comfortable and you can easily sleep either on your back or your side which makes a huge difference when you’re dealing with both backache and a side ache. The other big advantage of a platform bed is that you can use it in any way that you like which makes it ideal for people who may struggle with their sleeping habits.

Although there are many good things about a box spring bed there are also some bad things. One of the biggest pros is the fact that you won’t be able to get a proper night’s sleep using one. Although your body will relax when you’re on your bed, your spine won’t be able to support your full weight. This means that if you’re overweight, you’ll need to do something to ensure that you stay fit and healthy, as there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable while you’re trying to get to sleep. The other pros to consider are that they are easy to assemble, fairly cheap, and require little maintenance; however, these two cons can make a platform bed a poor choice for some people, and it’s best to understand them so that you can make a better decision for yourself.