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Best Garmin Fitness Trackers for Weight Loss

Every successful gymnast, athlete, and other fitness experts have all started from the very basic and build upon themselves eventually on a strong foundation. They have put their skills at test, challenging time, learned from their mistakes and pushed their limits to the extreme.

Along with practice, what stands firm behind them, and their success is their trainer. We all need proper guidance in life. Isn’t it? How would you feel if we say that you got your personal trainer every minute of the day sitting at your wrist?

Great right! Tracking your fitness is as important as the training itself. You can analyze the recorded data to understand your current fitness level and work on it to bring about improvements.

Garmin is one of the big names in the fitness world. It has one of a massive range of fitness trackers that serve every individual need. Its portfolio presents fitness trackers for your whole family, some of them specially designed for specific sports and some based on lifestyle choices too.

Choosing a Garmin for yourself or as a gift to the fitness enthusiast in your life can be tough. We have done our part of the research for you and will briefly tell you how each product is positioned differently from one another and which ones are the best for you to choose from.

Best Garmin Fitness Trackers

Garmin fitness trackers will open up new opportunities to improve your future health. They will keep you away from distractions and send you messages and notifications on a regular basis to keep you updated about your health. This way, you can now chart out and focus on your real fitness goals.

They provide you comprehensive weight loss tools that you can use to your complete advantage. They connect wirelessly, thus adding convenience in everyday use. You can track the number of calories burnt and even monitor your heart rate. This will, in turn, help improve your sleep patterns and productivity at work.

No matter where or when you hit the track, the watch display ensures that you can read clearly even in bright sunlight. Every Garmin fitness watch is designed to match your lifestyle choices too. They are a perfect balance of style and functionality. They are sure to turn heads of the onlookers as you adorn them with your gym outfits.

Let’s dive in deeper to understand which are the top picks and what are their flaws and standouts.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

Keep your busy lives on track by bringing home the stunning Garmin Vivoactive 4 fitness tracking watch. It has got you all covered at the touch of your fingertips. You have your personal trainer 24/7 to help train you for your next big marathon. It comes preloaded with animated cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates workouts that are easy to follow, and you can download more on the Garmin Connect app.

It also comes with built-in GPS and indoor sports like walking, running, biking, pool swimming, golf, and more. You can never go wrong when you have this watch sitting at your wrist. It tracks your heart rate, breathing pattern, total oxygen intake, and monitors your sleep too.

It also tracks your daily fluid intake to keep you hydrated all day long. For all the ladies, it tracks your menstrual cycle too. It helps reduce the stress so that you can live each day to the fullest.

Pros Cons
Great tools for exercise tracking with GPS Downloading applications and watch faces is a time consuming process
Added shortcut allows you to access the most used widgets with ease You cannot use the on-screen animation feature for custom workouts
Good battery life for a long reliable use

Garmin Forerunner 45

The Garmin Forerunner 45 is the best fitness tracker for beginners. It features some simple functions that are easy to access and use. You can use it regularly while you go for runs, training sessions, and more. The built-in GPS tracks accurate stats like your pace, the distance covered, and intervals.

It monitors your heart rate too. The button interface allows you to access the pause button to track a lapse or stop the timer even with sweaty hands. It is compatible with Garmin Coach adaptive training plans so that you can have some guidance from expert coaches.

It makes sure that you do not stress yourself out during the workout. The Body Battery energy monitoring analyzes the collected data to gauge your energy reserve in real-time. It assures your total wellness. You can share your live location with your chosen contacts. You can also view your messages and pick up calls at the twist of your wrist.

Pros Cons
Button interface for ease of handling Swimming mode not available
Reliable and long battery life You cannot listen to music
Personalized trainings available for you to kick start your training session
Value for money

Garmin Forerunner 935

You can easily track your fitness and wellness, day and night, and reach fitness goals with this Garmin Forerunner 935 fitness tracker. You can retrieve your fitness stats in a blink of an eye and see them clearly in full color on its display.

The training status is an excellent performance monitoring tool that helps evaluate your recent workout history to let you know if you are productive enough or overreaching your targets. This is how you can improve your abilities and push your limits. You can also monitor your heart rate while you hit the track.

You can pair it up with your smartphone to enjoy music and add rhythm to your workout. We can also track down your buddies on the go with the LiveTrack or GroupTrack feature. Its lightweight design won’t make you feel weighed down when you take on the day’s new set of challenges.

With a battery life of 24 hours in the GPS mode and 50 hours in the UltraTrac battery saver mode, you are unstoppable. Pack in some extended hours that will help reach your fitness goals.

Pros Cons
Lightweight design Basic display does not stand out from the rest
You can wear it during small swimming recreating breaks, when you go surfing or during rains Input lag while saving workouts or switching screens
Good battery life

Garmin Fenix 5

Built for the adventurer in you, the Garmin Fenix 5 comes in all sizes to fit all wrist sizes.  It features the advanced GPS and GLONASS satellite reception to allow you to track down your fitness level even in the most challenging environments.

It is resistant to water at a range of up to 100m to enable you to wear it during the recreating swimming breaks or while you go surfing. You can glance at your scores on its bright and high-resolution Chroma Display that comes with LED backlighting to allow you clear readability even in dark or low light conditions.

The Transflective technology makes it easy to read, even in intense sunlight. You can monitor your heart rate, too, without wearing any chest strap. With the interchangeable straps, you can switch from a professional mode to a workout mode in a breeze. If you want to read about the comparison between the Garmin 935 and Garmin Fenix 5, then you can read this detailed comparison article by Fit Territory.

Pros Cons
Water resistance up to 100mts Takes time to load music on the library
Comprehensive activity monitoring features Dial screen does not look visually appealing
Heart rate monitoring No touchscreen control, buttons only
Long and reliable battery life
Solid build quality


Fitness trackers can be a great way to start your fitness regime and indulge in self-care. Self-tracking makes you disciplined. You can plan your diet plans, exercise with the right techniques, under the guidance, and sleep better too. You should use them regularly, and you will see that your fitness goals become achievable, and exercising becomes fun. It makes sure that you do not get demotivated and quit midway.

We all live a very stressful and busy life, and it is difficult for many of us to plan a solid fitness routine and adhere to it religiously. You need to understand that these fitness trackers cannot force you to work out and be healthy.

It is up to you to not ignore their indications and take necessary steps towards getting rid of the excess weight. They are just a tool, but in the end, all that matters is your dedication and motivation towards achieving your dream physique.


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