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Why Therapists Are Necessary For Your Health And Well Being

Many people have the wrong concept of “Well Being.” In general, you can try this at your home as well, if you ask someone what their understanding of wellbeing is. They will refer to someone who is in the gym, working out or someone who is thin and looks physically fit. But this definition is wrong because we have stereotyped the wellbeing concept. “Wellbeing,” according to doctors, is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity.

Similar things are evident for the word therapist or therapy. When someone hears that he or she is going to a therapist or for therapy, the first thought which will come to their mind is, maybe that person is mentally unfit. But this is a wrong assumption. It is correct that a person who goes for therapy might have some mental problems, but that mental problem does not mean madness. It can be something else like finding the deep purpose of their existence or sharing some problems with them to feel relaxed and so forth.

People who are different from others also go to a therapist because they feel stressed when society does not accept them as the way they are. They need someone who might listen to them so that they can share their thoughts. So if you are looking for a therapist who might deal with this stereotype issue like being gay, you can search gay therapist, and you will find people who can help you get out of this social pressure.

You will realize how important a therapist is for your health and wellbeing? Well, there is more importance to a therapist. So let us see why therapists are necessary for your health and wellbeing?

Reduce or eliminate pain

Now therapy is also done for a physical issue like if you have had an accident, you are prescribed to see a physical therapist. Here the physical therapist will help you get your joints and soft tissues working properly again. They help you get out of that physical inability, which you might be facing due to an accident that happened with you. So a therapist can help you with the pain here.

Help you find your purpose

Now, these are the therapist which you can call mentors as well because they are the ones who can help you find your purpose in life. You see, when a person does not know why he has been sent in this world, he finds himself directionless and hopeless. Here these therapists come and help you find the real goal in your life, which provides you with a direction of what you want other people to say about you when you are in your coffin. So a therapist helps you plan your career here.

Reduces Stress

Every person in the world faces stress. No one is free from it. Sometimes people face stress when they are out of their comfort zone, like if you are asked to speak in front of a hundred people, you might not be able to do it and face stress due to it. Or you can be stressed because of your condition like financial, or physical, or just thinking about your future. These things can also stress you out. A doctor will give you some muscle relaxing medicines to wave out stress for a moment, but this is not a complete solution to this issue. However, a therapist will dig deep inside and find a solution for you from within. Like if you are stressed out because of what is going to happen in the future, a therapist will try to find the actual reason behind this stress. It could be because you had seen something bad happening with someone when he was in a similar condition or anything. There can be thousands of possibilities for you stressing out. So a therapist will kill the cause, not the effect.

Kill your negativity

These are the therapist that we call psychotherapists. They are the ones who listen to your problems and issues you are facing in life. These issues can make you feel negative about everything around you, and you only need someone who can listen to you and guide you the way out. This guidance can be helping you find out your purpose while eradicating negativity from your mind. So here, a therapist is making you come back to positivity and possible opportunities.

Help you get out of depression

Depression is so common these days, and people are taking anti-depressants to finish the impact of it. However, they are not finding the real cause of it. Depression is a common phenomenon amongst many. You might be depressed because you do not have money right now, but do you know people who have a lot of money and are still depressed? There is always a cause of depression, and medication is not the only solution to depression. A therapist is a better solution to depression. People go to the therapist to speak about everything they face no matter what it is so that someone can hear them out. Some people may be depressed because society is not accepting them. This feeling can kill people from the inside. So a therapist can help you speak about your problems and try to find out the cause behind them. They note the points where you stop talking for a split second and help you understand the issues.

Kills your trauma

Sometimes people face a horrible situation that they cannot get out of. That incident becomes part of their lives so much that sometimes they do just about anything to get out of it. This is called trauma. A therapist knows exactly how you can come out of it and that you should not socially distance yourself from the people you love.


There are several different kinds of mental problems for which a person has to go to a therapist. Like if you are different from the general public, then there is a possibility that people will not accept you, and because of that, you might feel depressed. Here, a therapist can help you get out of it, not by simply prescribing those anti-depressant pills that a normal physician may recommend.

So if you want to be healthy and care for your “wellbeing”, a therapist plays an integral part in that. They help you get out of those problems which cannot be seen or felt by anyone, and only that person who is suffering from it can express it. We hope that you are now aware as to why a therapist can be necessary for you and consult one when you need them.


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