Best 3CE Products to Achieve a Vibrant Look

How we look has always been a priority for most of us.

It can say a lot of things about you, heck, a lot of people can judge you for it.

But it does not matter what they say; what matters is how you feel.

Do you want to look dull and feel down and unhappy?

Of course not!

You want to look lively, full of color, full of life.

Positive energy is so contagious, and you would definitely want that around you.

Bad days are inevitable, but maybe it will not be as bad for you and for the people around you when you look and feel positive.

Koreans are popularly known for their skincare and makeup regimen.

But they did not have that beautiful skin without any work.

They started with skincare while they were still young, resulting in the healthy skin they have right now.

Korean makeup and skincare products are also very promising and affordable, making their consumers come back for more!

3 Concept Eyes or 3CE has been gaining praise from their beauty products since they launched.

This brand focuses on producing cosmetic products for women to express their own beauty and personality.

Mix n match and play around with their products for you to find your own style.

It is going to be fun!

Here are some of the brand’s best beauty products that could help you achieve a vibrant look.

Velvet Lip Tint

Let us start with their ultimate best-seller!

This highly pigmented lip tint offers a velvety matte finish that is available in 15 shades that would suit any mood you feel.

What is good about lip tints is they are not as heavy as lipsticks, and they are very long-lasting. A little amount could last you for the whole day!

It is also suitable for beginners as it is very easy to apply and blend.

This lip tint will surely make you look and feel confident.

Blush Cushion

This blush cushion is the REAL. DEAL.

Aside from the fact that it can make contouring and highlight easier for you, it gives off a high color payoff with just a day or two.

This blush provides a natural flush that would help you get that vibrant and glowing look!

It comes in 6 colors: Coral, Girlish Red, Mandarine, Peach, Pink, and Soft Brown.

Soft brown is a must-have for our contour enthusiasts.

Multi Eye Color Palette Mood for Blossom Edition

One of 3CE crowd favorites, this multi eye color palette contains 9 shades from vibrant pink to peach tones.

These tones are available in matte, glittery, and shimmery.

It was designed for your spring look, but it is suitable for any season and occasion as this palette will give you a look a little in between subtle and vibrant.

This product is very versatile as it can be used for your everyday look or for special occasions, depending on how you apply it.

Take A Layer Multi Pot

Be honest, who does not like multi-purpose products?!

With this multi-pot, you will have a cheek, eye, and lip tint all at once.

It contains shea butter that provides numerous benefits for our skin, such as anti-inflammatory agents, anti-aging properties, and emollients that can give a long-lasting moisturizing effect on the skin.

It has a creamy texture that melts on your skin to create that long-lasting effect!

It is also very pigmented and super light on the skin; it would feel like you did not put anything at all. 

It is super easy to blend and gives off a gorgeous matte finish.

South Korea became famous for its cosmetic products because of the advanced technology that they use in their products.

Their products are not as strong and intense as western products are, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin. Most people also find the right shades for their skin tones in Korean beauty products.

Achieving a vibrant look is not as easy as pie, but with the patience, perseverance, and right products, it can make it a lot easier.

K-beauty brands like 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) have satisfied the market with their products; maybe they could be the right brand for you.

Check them out and let us know if 3CE worked for you!


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