Everyone wants to have a perfect, bright, clear smile. An impeccable set of straight teeth are the most important sidekick of everyone’s favorite curve: smiling. If your teeth are crooked, have a gap between them, or are simply not straight enough, most people try the traditional trainwreck – braces. But, let’s be honest; they don’t have the most appealing look. Metal wires across your teeth aren’t so attractive as they may seem, and they can cause a lot of pain for most people.

Thankfully, you have other options! If you’re looking for a new alternative, private dentist in Brighton, MDS Dental Care does high-quality clear aligners that can do wonders. If you have crowded, crooked, or rotated teeth, they may be the ideal answer to your needs, even if they don’t have severe issues. This is a quick overlook, but if you want to go deeper, you can always read BracesBoss’ article on the differences between aligners and braces. Ultimately, it’s a simple, elegant and discreet solution to your orthodontist problems, and here’s why:

Clear aligners

They Are Invisible and Discreet

Facial appearance is the daily concern of every teenager. Having metal wires around your smile may not be a good solution if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them. So, clear aligners to the rescue! A big, impeccable smile indicates to others that you are trustworthy, confident with yourself, and approachable. For many people wearing traditional metal braces is a deal-breaker to their self-confidence, so, for that reason, clear aligners ensure you a beautiful smile while having your teeth problem fixed in no time.


For obvious reasons, the metal braces might be painful from time to time, including headaches and tiredness. Clear aligners will fix your teeth without causing you any major trouble. Even though you’ll have to use them 22 hours a day, you’ll be able to take it off to eat or drink something at any time, without causing discomfort. So, you won’t have more trouble with food stuck in your teeth, saving you from future embarrassments next time you’re in a meeting, or at a school presentation.

Easy Going With Your Teeth Cleaning Routine

Everyone with metal braces has trouble cleaning their teeth, as the toothbrush can cause them pain or discomfort. People who have traditional braces have to take extra care when it comes to toothbrushes. Most of the food gets stuck in your teeth, causing other problems like tartar. Also, you can even damage the protective barrier on your teeth by insufficient or extra-oral care while you’re wearing braces.

While the daily teeth cleaning of someone with traditional braces is sometimes painful and difficult, causing discomfort at most of the time, by wearing clear aligners you don’t have any more troubles brushing your teeth, anywhere, at any time, as you can simply remove them and place them again when you’re finished.


Contrary to what you may think, clear aligners work on your teeth constantly, and the results are truly visible to the eye. They easily fit your teeth’ shape while adjusting the pressure on the ones that need to be moved. By changing sets every few weeks, each set of teeth moves to their right place, pain-free! You’ll feel your teeth stronger and straighter in no time! Some studies show that they can even work faster than traditional metal braces, so you can check your treatment by using CAD/CAM technology, providing you a more accurate estimate of your teeth planning and transformation.


While traditional braces cause discomfort and pain inside your mouth, especially in your lips, cheeks, and gums, clear aligners are designed to be smooth while creating that same amount of pressure on your teeth. They are made of safe and durable BPA-free plastic that won’t hurt you; however, it may cause a little discomfort at first; after all, it’s something you’re still not used to. But, don’t worry, because in the end it’s way less painful than traditional braces and just for that reason. You can enjoy your favorite food, not caring if a bite might hurt you!

Get That Smile Ready!

Medically speaking, clear aligners are best suitable for mild cases or small teeth problems, though, through the medical orthodontist advances, they are now designed to be capable of treating most problems, including spacing, crowding, and bite problems.

Lastly, the facial, and especially the smile aspect, is strictly relatable to self-esteem and confidence! By using traditional metal braces, it can cause you serious problems in that matter, affecting your personal life, including relationships and social encounters, whether it’s in your work-place, school, or with family. But, fear no more, as clear aligners are here to ensure you can maintain your greatest appearance without compromising your social life and your favorite food! Always remember, the smile is everyone’s most desirable and perfect curve, so take care of it. Thanks for reading!