Around 5% of the population of Australia have diabetes, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

To manage diabetes, one can opt for type 2 diabetes treatment, and at the same time, review current lifestyle options and choices. Being on a low carb diet can help people with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels better and, in some cases, reverse diabetes. Furthermore, reducing carbohydrates intake may also help to prevent some of the other side effects of diabetes, such as weight gain and heart disease.

However, this diet does not have to stop a person from living and enjoying a normal life especially, if travelling for work or going on holiday. Here are 5 simple tips for eating low carb foods whilst on the move.

Planning and preparation

When on the move, it is far too easy to pull into a fast-food outlet or pick up pre-packaged sugary and unhealthy snacks to eat on the go. In the same way, you plan a journey, for example, checking you have enough gas in the tank and checking out the best route, the same is true for managing your food and drink options.

Raw vegetables, dark chocolate (sugar-free) nuts and seeds are really good for snacking. Fresh fruit chopped up or ready peeled can stave off any hunger pangs, along with packing a healthy salad in a box to keep you going. Keeping a small cool bag in the car for sugar-free drinks or bottled water will also help ensure you stay hydrated and free from reaching for the fizzy drinks at the service stations. Think ahead whether you are travelling by car or plane and prep your snacks and drinks in advance.

Homemade ready meals

When it comes to eating something a little more substantial, start to prep basic meals to keep you going from breakfast time (for early starts) to the evening. Invest in easy to clean food storage containers and make your own breakfast using low carb muesli and top it with fruits of the season. There are helpful online hints and tips on proper nutritional meals that can reverse your diabetes.

From making a basic curry or tasty, healthy soup that can be reheated when you reach you destination to sample meal plans to assist with travel plans, low carb meals on the go have never been easier.

Review menus in advance

Thanks to the internet, you can easily go online and look up the food outlets along your journey way, as well as view their sample menus. If you are going to be relying on eating out, then check out the options available. Diners and restaurants that offer low carb options such as omelettes or the traditional bacon and eggs (without toast) are good choices for breakfast stops.

Low carb means food high in protein so at lunch time, lean meats, fish or seafood options on a menu should catch your eye. Ham or chicken salads, even burgers minus the fries and in a lettuce wrap is a great choice and this includes veggie burgers. Steamed vegetables with low fat dressing are great with protein or veggie substitute options. Fruit and cheese for dessert will help complement your eating low carb choices.

Make a wise choice

If you have to stop off at a gas station or need to be at an airport terminal faced with a range of food outlets, think beforehand of what you can choose rather than grabbing the first thing you see. Even better, get your travelling companion to go and get something for you so you don’t give into the temptation of the fatty and sugary foods on offer.

If you are by yourself however, then pick a grilled chicken option without fries or ask for a burger without the bun which will keep you going until you get to your destination.

Shop local

If you are self-catering or at a venue that has facilities for cooking and refrigeration, go to the local grocery stores to stock up on dairy products such as yoghurts (great with berries and other fruits). Seeds and nuts, cheese and ham – all provide you with the basic low carb ingredients to keep you sustained during your journey.

At Diversa Health, we have a proven method of reversing type 2 diabetes, management and reversal through an easy-to-follow diet plan & medical coaching. To find out more about how a low-carb eating plan and tailored lifestyle habits can reverse your diabetes, request a callback from our expert team.