Stress plays such an intricate part in modern life that few of us can avoid it unless we put conscious effort into it. Considering its impact on both our physical and mental health, it’s worth trying our best to keep our stress to a minimum. If modern society provides stress reliever, nature provides us with solutions. 

 In this article, we will explore the uses and benefits of five powerful natural stress relievers. If you don’t want to let stress control your mood and dictate your life, you can incorporate these solutions into your daily routine. 

CBD Oil 

Chronic stress affects mental stability and has the same negative impact on the body as poor nutrition and sedentarism. While medication might be helpful to fight if off, drugs have unpleasant side effects, which makes a natural remedy like CBD oil a great alternative. 

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD oil can act as a powerful pain and stress reliever. The interesting thing about it is that it does not have mind-altering effects. No High CBD doesn’t cause mental slowness and fogginess typical of cannabis consumption but still holds the power to help us relax. 


Curcumin is the most active compound in turmeric, the popular spice herb used extensively in Asian food. For centuries, it has been widely believed that curcumin has vast health benefits, which were proven by modern research. Among the health benefits of turmeric is the ability to minimize the impact of stress on the body. 

Justly considered one of the potent herbs in the world, turmeric can trigger a state of mental and physical relaxation. It’s also easy to include in your meals and there are no safety restrictions regarding use. You can add it to your meals without worries.  


Stress affects our ability to fall asleep or have a healthy sleep routine. It also torments us with negative thoughts and makes us fall victims to bad habits and impulsive behaviour. The combination of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness is hard to beat, but a simple herb like chamomile can be a helpful companion in this fight. 

The most popular intake method is tea. Chamomile tea can relax the muscles and induce a state of relaxation in the body. It reduces anxiety and irritability and has powerful effects in treating insomnia. 


We are all familiar with the positive effects of aromatherapy, but lavender essential oils take things up a notch. Research suggests that lavender impacts the limbic system, the part of our brains that regulates emotions and acts as a stress manager. Since stress is precisely the inability to control negative emotions, lavender can have an uplifting effect. 

A few drops of lavender oil in your shower gel or a relaxing lavender bath can easily reduce your stress levels, anxiety and even insomnia. Powerful aromas like lavender stimulate our sense of smell, induce relaxation and increase mental clarity at the same time. The soothing effect of lavender involves thus both mind and body. 


Ginseng is known as a tonic herb or super-nutrient. It regulates the immune system and has a profound impact on maintaining homeostasis. This makes it a powerful stress reliever, able to suppress anxiety and stress-related conditions. 

As a stimulant herb, ginseng can improve your mood and increases energy levels so you can better handle any stressors that interfere with your state of well-being. You can make it into tea, add it to your favourite dishes or eat it raw.