The Skincare Secrets of Celebrity Stylists

Because celebrities are always in the spotlight, one thing you may have noticed is that most of them have beautiful glowing skin. They often appear as though they never age because their skin retains a radiant youthfulness, even without makeup. 

Celebrity skincare routines may be different than what you may expect, but they seem to yield high results. We partnered with Moda Database to uncover some of the secrets behind how celebrity stylists help their famous clients put their best face forward:

Kim Kardashian-West

One would almost expect Kim Kardashian-West to use expensive products or items from her KKW beauty line to combat wrinkles’ appearance. Instead, she uses a cheaper product: Preparation H. Preparation H is a hemorrhoid cream that costs less than $10 in any drugstore, but she uses it on her face as part of her skincare regimen. 

Kim’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, claims to apply the hemorrhoid cream under her eyes to tighten the skin around the area and minimize wrinkles. The cream’s anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce under-eye puffiness, which can occur if you don’t get enough sleep and hydration.

Though Kim and Mario swear by this technique, it isn’t something for daily use because it will dry out your skin. Instead, add it to a facial moisturizer to reduce its potency and allow for everyday use.


You can find skincare creams that target specific areas, like under your eyes or face, but Beyonce doesn’t follow these rules. Her go-to makeup artist, Sir John, taught the singer how to use eye creams as face creams.

The skin under the eyes is thinner and dryer than the rest of your face, so cosmetic brands create creams to hydrate the fragile skin in this area while also reducing puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles that can prematurely age you. Using these creams on the rest of the face may give your skin smaller doses of the same ingredients as facial creams and moisturizers without unintentionally irritating the skin and causing breakouts.

For an added refreshing effect, this celebrity skincare routine includes stashing eye creams in the fridge to cool down the skin upon application and further reduce puffiness.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a famous beauty who barely ages, and she and her stylist attribute her youthful skin to olive oil. The oil is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body that can damage skin cells. Antioxidants, including olive oil, can minimize wrinkles and other signs of premature aging when you apply them to your skin regularly.

Olive oil is also rich in vitamins A, K, D, and E, helping you develop a natural radiant glow to your skin.

Julia likes to use olive oil on her hands to keep them supple, but you can use it on most areas of your body. For instance, actress Cate Blanchett mixes olive oil in a body scrub containing sea salt and grapefruit juice to keep her skin clean and hydrated.

Christina Hendrix

Actress Christina Hendrix frequently struts on red carpets, but she often needs a little help to look her best with her fair skin. When she intends to wear garments that show skin, her makeup artist will blend her foundation into a body lotion. Not only does this tactic give Christina’s body an airbrushed effect without needing to spend time in a tanning booth, but it also ensures that her skin remains hydrated and smooth.

When you add foundation to moisturizer, it blends nicely to the skin, giving it a more natural, sun-kissed appearance. To ensure that the foundation doesn’t transfer to clothing or other items, you can finish this celebrity stylists skincare trick with makeup setting spray.

Halle Berry

Another actress who doesn’t seem to age is Halle Berry, who achieves her radiant skin with the help of coffee grounds. She uses coffee grounds as a natural exfoliant by adding them to her body wash and cleansing herself with the concoction.

It makes sense to use coffee grounds as an exfoliant because they won’t dissolve in water, and they have a coarse enough texture to remove dead skin cells and dirt from your body without causing abrasions or irritations. The caffeine in the grounds has the added benefit of temporarily constricting the skin, helping it look firm, tight, and youthful. This effect is especially beneficial for anyone who wants to make cellulite look less obvious and for under-eye skin to be less puffy.

Beautiful, healthy skin is the foundation for any look, whether you enjoy wearing makeup or prefer a more barefaced appearance. Turning to celebrity stylists skincare tips is an excellent way to learn about different ways to improve your skin’s appearance and help you find the best regimen to enhance your natural beauty.


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