Building The Foundation Of A Strong Relationship

It’s no secret that being in love is similar to an addiction. While you’re deliriously ecstatic with the overwhelming emotions and feeling you have recently developed for your significant other, the initial phase of lust often wears off in a few months. Unfortunately, most relationships hardly make it together once feelings of lust dissipate. Because so many confuse lust with love, it can be not very easy to note when things are real. However, if you and your partner have successfully made it past the lust phase and have managed to grow together as a couple for some time, you may eventually be confronted with more challenges, and it may tend to feel as though comfortability with one another has suddenly killed the spark that kept things fun in the relationship. 

Even though a fading spark can feel devastating one noted, the experience is far more common than you may realize, which means you and your partner will be able to recover from the dry spell and fall back in love with one another. However, this won’t happen on its own, which is why you should consider giving the following methods of building a strong foundation for your relationship a try. You will be able to revisit these methods as often as needed, and you can also consider modifying them according to your preferences if needed. It is crucial to remember that every relationship is unique, and what works well for one couple may not work for another. However, most relationships should be built on a solid foundation that boasts the five elements of intimacy

While it would be a great idea to discover incredibly fun tips and tricks on The Enhanced Male to keep things fun in the bedroom, before throwing in the towel, you should consider investing your efforts into the following methods of building a strong foundation for your relationship to ensure you and your partner can keep the spark alive decades down the road.

Keep Communication Going

Communication is a core element of every relationship, including sexual relationships and, more often than not, when communication begins to fade, intimacy, and the spark fades too. Therefore, by making an active effort to invest your thoughts with your partner is one of the best ways to keep the spark alive. It does not matter what you and your partner are communicating, as the act alone will enhance togetherness and feelings of trust. If you are considering trying new things in the bedroom, the best method of bringing new ideas to the table would be to communicate the ideas with your significant other as this will help determine what sensual tricks would be appropriate and which would be unacceptable for you and your partner. Without communication, no relationship will be able to grow, let alone thrive. Ideally, you and your partner should be making an active effort to voice your thoughts to one another as often as possible. If you feel uncertain about how you could get conversations going, it would be wise to start with small talk and keep the conversation going until it progresses to a more intimate conversation.

Be As Spontaneous As Possible

The spark often dies when couples tend to become a bit too comfortable in one another’s presence, and therefore, making the effort of being as spontaneous as possible will keep your partner on their toes. However, it is key to draw a line with spontaneous behavior and keep things fun without coming across as a red flag. You should stick to trying new activities together and avoiding falling into routine habits. In addition to this, you should also bring spontaneous decisions into the bedroom, while maintaining respect for your partner, of course. Keeping your partner guessing will essentially prompt a greater response from them as their excitement will encourage the production of dopamine in the brain, contributing to an incredible sensation. This means that your significant other will hardly find your company boring or mundane as each moment they are with you, they will be unable to predict your thoughts and actions. It is key to avoid taking things too far when attempting this method of keeping the spark alive as it will not only be extremely exhausting for you, but your partner may conclude that you are not entirely stable. 

Determine Your Partners Love Language

If you have never heard or read about Dr. Gary Chapman’s ‘Five Languages of Love,’ it is high time you became familiar with the five languages of love. Determining which two languages of love suit your partner means you will be able to carry out small tasks or acts of love that will make your loved one feel special as they will be able to identify directly as love. As everyone is different, each finds different languages of love suitable. Therefore, you won’t be able to push your ideals of love onto your partner as you are both individuals. It is important to know how your partner prefers to receive love, and there are various ways that you can establish this. While asking them may be the most effective and direct method, you could also evaluate their response to different languages of love if they are somehow not entirely certain which language appeals most to them as an individual. This effort will effectively help you and your significant other to feel closer as a couple as you will essentially have a better understanding of one another’s preferences in a romantic relationship.

The five languages of love are words of affirmation, giving and receiving gifts, acts of service, quality time spent together, and physical touch. Usually, each person finds two of these languages most appealing. As acts of service may not translate to you as an act of love while it does to your partner, it would be wise to invest the time and effort to understand how these languages appeal differently to different people. Because keeping the spark alive in a relationship does not always refer to trying tricks and tips, but rather finding ways of strengthening the connection, it would be best to focus on building the foundation of your relationship before attempting other methods.


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