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Stay Healthy This Winter with These Outdoor Activities

Many people like to spend their winter inside — snuggled up on the sofa, watching TV and avoiding the ice-cold temperatures outside as much as possible. It’s easy to forget about physical and social activity because there’s hardly anything else to do when the weather is windy and frigid beyond hanging out inside, keeping warm and cozy.

However, while sitting around inside is relaxing, avoiding the outside for too long might drive you stir-crazy. The winter may be cold, but it’s also a beautiful season to enjoy. It offers so many fun and healthy activities that are truly unique to the season. From skiing to volunteering at a holiday drive, winter is jam-packed with things to do.


Who doesn’t love ice-skating? Ice-skating has a nostalgic quality like no other sport or activity. Being on the ice can bring you back to simpler times — learning how to skate as a child and drinking hot chocolate afterwards. It’s the perfect physical activity because you can slide those blades across the ice by yourself or with a partner. Many ice rinks offer rental services, so don’t worry if you don’t own a pair of skates. Once you get on that ice and feel the glide beneath your feet, you’ll never want to get off!

Cross-Country Skiing

For a full-body workout, try cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing is a lot like running, except you’re on skies. It works your body’s entire muscle groups, including the arms, legs, and glutes. You’ll also experience all of the beauty that winter scenery has to offer. Your best bet is to find an official hiking or skiing trail in your area and head over there on a bright, sunny day. Find a spot that rents out skies if you don’t have the necessary equipment. It might be beneficial to take a few lessons (look for online tutorials) before you hit the trails so you’ll know what to expect. You’re likely to get cold out there, so dress appropriately!

Find the warmest socks for women and men to keep your feet warm throughout your adventure. Experts recommended wearing thermal fabric for layers, including socks and underwear. Thermal layers provide the best insulation because they trap heat inside and keep moisture away from the skin. Many people say thermal makes the warmest socks ever! So, ensure you’ve dressed accordingly with a comfortable pair.

Volunteering in the Community

The winter also provides a unique opportunity to volunteer for more organizations and causes because of the holidays. From offering your services at the local food bank to get ready for their Christmas events to volunteering at your local mosque for their annual pledge drive, there is always something to devote some time to this time of year.

Don’t forget to follow local charities and non-profit organizations because they often host marathons or walks to raise awareness for their respective causes.

Embrace the freshness of winter with warmer clothing and an adventurous attitude. Let’s face it — getting outside and breathing in the crisp cold air while trying a new activity beats sitting around the house all day.


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