Should You Get a Hair Transplant?

According to experts, around 95% of hair transplants are successful. Long gone are the days of unnatural-looking hair plugs and social stigmas about regaining your hair. The treatment has benefited from a recent boom in popularity, with people traveling around the globe to regain the hair of their youth. 

However, such an increase in popularity can also make things confusing and overwhelming when it comes to trying to find out more about the treatment. For instance, what exactly is a hair transplant? And who should get one? Check out this easy-to-follow guide, which provides answers to these questions — and much more — so you can know when it’s right to embark on your very own hair transplant journey.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

First things first, it’s important to know exactly what a hair transplants is. Keeping it simple, hair transplant surgery is a procedure to regain previously lost hair. The treatment can be performed on both men and women, and it’s an outpatient procedure, meaning that you don’t need to stay in the hospital overnight afterward.  

There are a few different methods used for hair transplant surgery such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). Patients undergo specific methods depending on the extent and type of their hair loss.

When Should I Consider Getting a Hair Transplant?

While it’s a minimally-invasive procedure, undergoing a hair transplants is still a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a treatment that can be extremely successful for many people, but it’s important to know which situations are best suited to undergoing a hair transplant. There are a few different factors to consider here.


One of the most important factors to think about before undergoing hair transplant surgery is your age. The treatment is most effective once your hairline has settled. For most people, the hairline will change and gradually form between the ages of 18-25. Therefore, it’s not recommended to get a hair transplant until you’re at least 25. This can be difficult for those experiencing hair loss before the age of 25, but the results of your treatment will be more successful the longer you wait to have it. Ideally, you should wait until you’re around 35 as this is typically when hair loss stabilizes.

Type and Extent of Hair Loss

Before jumping into hair transplant surgery, it’s also important to think about your hair loss and consider some realistic goals of what you hope the treatment can achieve. For instance, if you’re almost completely bald, a hair transplant will likely improve the situation, but a full head of hair is probably not a realistic expectation. For those with hair loss on the top of their head, but still have a healthy amount on the back and sides, a hair transplant can have a more significant effect in regaining a full head of hair appearance.


The cost of a hair transplant can be a big sticking point for many people considering the treatment. This doesn’t have to act as a complete barrier, though. If you’re on a slightly tighter budget, then having your hair transplant in somewhere like the UK or US may be a bit out of reach. In these cases, you can consider traveling abroad for treatment. Turkey is the home of the hair transplant industry. With highly-experienced doctors, state of the art facilities, and prices a fraction of what you’d pay at home, this is a great option for those of us on a tighter budget.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re finding that your hair loss is proving to be a real confidence killer, then hair transplants surgery is certainly an option to think about. However, it’s also important to consider all of the above factors, to ensure that when you do head off for treatment, you’ll get the best, most successful results possible. Wait until you’re old enough so that your hair loss has stabilized, think of what the treatment can realistically achieve, and whether that makes it worth doing, and carefully consider your budget and how much you can afford to spend on the procedure. Once you’ve thought all of this through, you’ll be ready to start your journey towards new, naturally-looking hair.


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