How to 3D Print Your Favorite Pirate Ships

Are you a fan of pirate ships? If that is so, why not 3D print the variety of different designs and make your collection unique and praiseworthy?

3D printing pirate ships may not be the easiest job to do. However, with our little help, you can become more familiar with how you can create these wonderful models. Either you wish to showcase these on your living room shelves or want to present it to someone, 3D printing it your own way would definitely make these pirate ships special, in every way.

So, here is a quick guide to help you 3D Print your own pirate ship.

Steps to 3D Print Pirate Ships

3D printing a pirate ship involves a lot of attention to every detail. From design to the final post-processing, you must ensure to pick the right settings for best results. Already excited to know how? Here is what you must do to create your own pirate ship.

Step 1 – Design the 3D File

If you have worked with a 3D modelling file, it won’t be a difficult job for you. However, if this is the first time you are using your 3D printer for such a complex design, we would recommend using an already existing 3D design for a pirate file.

So, for those who are beginners, here is a list of some of the most popular designs available online.

1. Patrol Boat River MK2

Inspired by the world-famous PBR Patrol Boat 31 MK2, used during the Vietnam War, this model is available on Gambody. The model scale is reduced by 30 times the size of the original ship. Also, to make an accurate model, it’s cut into 31 printable pieces. Downloading this 3D model would enable you to build a dazzling replica of this historically genius piece of architecture at the size of 12 cm * 33 cm * 16 cm.

2. Arcadia Harlock ship box casket 3D printable model

Every aspect of this 3D printable model of the pirate ship is danger-invoking. The skull faces at its head, the long pointing knife at its top, even the dragon-looking structure of the pirate ship make this pirate ship model intensely captivating.

This 3D model of the pirate ship is available for download on CGTrader at $8.32. The file format of Arcadia Harlock ship box casket 3D printable model is obtainable in STL. The maker of this model describes how printing the pirate ship in parts with a thickness of 3mm can make it well-suited for storing valuables. 200 mm is the length of a completely assembled model based on it.

3. Pirate Ships

The maker of this 3D model shares how it is a result of the #MakeItFloat challenge. The file comes with related setting recommendations. Here is what you must make a note of before getting your printer ready for the job.

1) Make sure to keep the layer depth 0.2 mm.

2) Ensure a loose fill.

3) Print the hull without any support.

4) The masts require support.

5) The deck requires support for the railing on the top.

If these directions seem manageable to include, you can download this 3D file from Cults.

4. OpenForge Pirate Ships

Inspired by The Wormwood, this is the first part of the pirate ship from Paizo’s Skull and Shackles. The dimensions of this model are 77.5 mm * 77.5 mm * 13.82 mm. You can also look at the tutorials about how to get started with the printing of this model. And for downloading the 3D design file of this model you’d have to go to Myminifactory.

5. SVG Pirate Ship Galleon

17 inches high, 17 inches long, and 5 inches wide, this 3D model’s design file can be downloaded from Etsy at $5.02. The 3D file is available in multiple formats. So, you can choose as per your requirements.

This pirate ship has a wonderful design that would increase the quality of decorum of the place wherever it is kept! So, if you are looking for a perfect work desk or showcase material, you can surely try this option.

Step 2 – Ensure Correct Printer Setting

Depending on the 3D file, set your 3D printer precisely. You can certainly go with different setting parameters recommended by the designers of these 3D files. However, for starters, this may lead to unexpected results. Also, settings will also vary depending on which material you choose to 3D print with. So, make sure to take every minute detail into consideration before starting to print.

Moreover, ensuring that the 3D printer is perfectly calibrated and levelled is a must before making further progress.

Step 3 – Slice and 3D Print

After you have set your 3D Printer, this is the time to slice your 3D file and get the GCODE for 3D printing. There are many applications to do that. Also, most of the recent 3D printers come with a pre-installed slicer. So, you just have to upload the STL file to the 3D printer, and it will take care of slicing itself. Isn’t that easy?

Step 4 – Post Processing

Your job is not done yet. Pirate ships, with all those curves, will need support. Hence, you may have to work cautiously to remove these extra parts after the model is prepared. You can also try scrubbing and coloring your models if you like.

The Conclusion

3D printing has been made easy with myriads of desktop 3D printers available at an affordable rate. This is why today many individuals like to try out their hands with additive manufacturing technology. Especially when knowing that these machines could do much more than just entertain.

From important gadgets to fully functional parts, 3D printers have never ceased to amaze us. However, these machines still are one of the best ways for creating fun items. And, what could be more fun than creating your favorite 3D printer pirate ship? A little determination and a few tries, and you can build your pirate ship.


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