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Is Matcha Tea Good for You? 7 Health Benefits of Drinking It!

Matcha tea is a gift to mankind. While matcha has only recently been a trend in culture, this tea has been around for centuries. The word matcha translates to ‘powered tea’ and is made by harvesting leaves, allowing them no sunlight before they are picked (for chlorophyll production), steaming them, drying them, and lastly, grinding it into the fine, dark powder most come to call matcha.

It’s healthy, tasty, and all-round beneficial to your body. Here are 7 health benefits that you may receive when drinking matcha tea

 Matcha Promotes Weight Loss

On a diet and looking to shed some extra pounds? Drinking matcha tea can help! It’s been proven that matcha has antioxidants that can aid your metabolism, which promotes weight loss. Matcha is similar to the properties of chai latte, both of which help with hunger and are packed with great nutrients. Drinking this tea along with following other diet tips, will help your body lose weight.

Matcha May Prevent Injuries

While still being debate, green teas, in general, have been studied by the scientific community on their medical abilities. Scientists and doctors from AICA Orthopedics are conducting studies on car accident patients, patients with spinal cord injuries, and patients who have injured themselves from back workouts and other types of exercise to see if there’s a correlation in preventing injuries with matcha tea. There may be correlations between bone health, muscle development, and more to explain why matcha can help people prevent injuries. Again, it comes back to the antioxidants and immunity that may be built in the body and matcha’s chemistry make-up.

Antioxidant Rich

Speaking of antioxidants, matcha is full of them. Tea leaves contain these antioxidants that protect your cells against free radicals or molecules that are unstable. These free radicals can be harmful to your health and play out in cancer, radiation, and even heart disease. Tea leaves are fighting for you, and matcha just happens to be the richest in antioxidants over a multitude of green teas.

The Best Kind of Caffeine

There are some misconceptions that tea doesn’t have as much caffeine when compared to coffee. This is hardly true because matcha has 85% percent of the caffeine that a normal cup of coffee has.

 And get this – the caffeine you get from tea is exceptionally better than the quick, jittery high you get off coffee. Caffeine from coffee is released almost immediately in the blood stream, making you get a temporary high right before crashing back down. Matcha tea has properties (a compound called L-theanine in particular) that allow the caffeine molecules to enter the bloodstream over a period of time, say 3-5 hours. This is better for your body and will sustain that energy boost coffee seems to give you.

Prevents Cancer and Heart Disease

Because of the antioxidant properties, matcha may be linked to preventing cancer. Numerous studies have been conducted, and some sources believe matcha can inhibit tumorous growths and stop the spread of cancerous cells. 

For the human heart, matcha is especially vital in fighting off disease, bad cholesterol, and strokes. It’s the lifelong habit of drinking green tea that can provide incredible benefits to your heart. It ultimately may save you from cancer as well.

Helps Your Brain Focus – Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Not only does it help your heart – matcha can improve cognition and overall brain health. This includes boosting your ability to remember things short term and long term! It also means that you can be ‘quicker’ in your reflexes and have a better attention span than someone who hasn’t been feeding their brain matcha. These effects apply to old and young alike! If you want to focus more at work or in school, you have to be drinking this!

Detoxifies Your Body – Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Filled with rich nutrients and vitamins, matcha also aids your body with its detoxifying properties. This can be particularly beneficial to those dealing with toxins from poor diets, diseases, and more. This ‘cleanse’ can be particularly useful in rejuvenating your body and removing things that weren’t designed to be in your body in the first place.

Drink More Matcha – Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Overall, matcha tea is a drink you should consider incorporating into your diet. The health benefits it provides are insane, and it’ll lead to a longer and healthier life. Plus, it may even replace your daily coffee and provide enhancing effects on your productivity, focus, and recall. Grab a cup today and see what benefits you’ve been missing out on!

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