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Five Ways You Could Add CBD to Your Food and Drink

Have you heard of CBD? If you haven’t, then you may do very soon. It has become a favored addition to many people’s routines and diets over the past few years, so if you don’t know someone who uses it now, you may just do so in the future.

One way to include CBD in your lifestyle is through your diet. If you’re interested, and you’ve spoken to your doctor, then here are some ways you can include CBD into your diet.

In your tea and coffee

Having CBD in either of these drinks can be a boost to your general well-being. It can turn around your mood and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Some of these benefits include:

Improved mood:

Many people wake up feeling anxious because of a busy or fast-paced lifestyle, a result of stress hormones or cortisol in the blood. So having a CBD-infused drink in the morning can help to replace these stress hormones with serotonin and dopamine

Ease nausea:

CBD has been used to treat many people in the US with nausea. For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment — which has common side effects, including nausea and vomiting — it can be a powerful antidote.

With desserts

There are plenty of CBD desserts you can try out. CBD chocolates can be a great treat if you have a sweet tooth. Chocolates and CBD have high antioxidant levels, which counter harmful free radicals you may find in the body.

You can also try CBD chocolate mousse using avocado (a great substitute for dairy), chocolate, and dates. You’ll find it hard to turn down cookies, too, with chocolate chips and pretzels.

As part of a vegan diet

CBD products are free of animal-based ingredients. They are free of genetically modified organisms and synthetic chemicals, plus are made using natural carbon dioxide extraction without artificial preservatives. This all means you can use CBD in a vegan lifestyle. CBD products in the United States come from locally produced hemp plants for sale, too.

In a smoothie

Many people will have smoothies drink for breakfast and, if you’re one of them, then adding CBD to yours could make those health benefits more powerful. There’s a reason why those smoothies you make are known as superfoods, and it’s because of those numerous fruits and vegetables that get added in. So if you do add CBD to make your smoothie, check that you blend yours for about 15 seconds, so you know that the CBD is mixed in well.

In a cocktail

There are cocktails infused with CBD and can aid in relaxation when you sip on one of these. There are different kinds of CBD to use here: oils are extracted using fats or oils. While tincture or bitters are extracted with alcohol. Make sure you monitor how much CBD you use, so it doesn’t overpower your drink, and begin with small amounts. Then shake your cocktail for 10 seconds (with citrus) or 20 seconds (without citrus).


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