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Don’t Live With Anxiety – You Can Fight It

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you always find yourself biting your nails in worry? Your stress eat chocolates and desserts to keep problems at bay? Sometimes it is natural to feel overwhelmed because your day went wrong. Other times anxiety is a natural reaction to hard times. These momentary feelings ebb away. But when they don’t, it can get worrisome. You should be worried if you have many sleepless nights if you are eating unhealthy, oily food more than you actually do or feel restless all the time. These are symptoms of anxiety – one which is more mental illness than a passing phase of your life. Anxiety attacks are real. They happen to ‘normal’ people all the time.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand anxiety and box it under the ‘mental illness’ tag. One question that people often ask is, where can you feel anxiety symptoms? You can feel it in your heart – when it suddenly starts pounding, you can feel it in your headache due to a severe headache, and you can feel it in many other ways. Below is a list of the common symptoms of anxiety.

  • Worrying Excessively
  • Being Agitated All The Time
  • Feeling Restless
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Irritable Mood
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Panic Attacks
  • Uncomfortable in Social Gatherings

It is important to understand that these symptoms are very common. There are days when you get back from work, have had a bad day, you just want to eat desserts for dinner, you simply want to binge-watch on Netflix, but even after so many activities, you are unable to sleep. But in the morning, everything seems fine. Having a bad day isn’t always an anxiety attack. When these ‘bad days’ happen too often, you should worry. Anxiety has many more layers. Peeling them, understanding each layer isn’t easy, but it is important we understand them.

When To Seek Relief – Don’t Live With Anxiety

What is anxiety relief  and when should you seek it? Identifying the symptoms isn’t enough. You must do something to stop them from recurring. You must seek relief. Anxiety relief can be found in many ways – self-medication and discipline, therapy, and/or medical treatment. When to seek relief is more a personal choice than anything else. Some people can identify their symptoms and do not hesitate to seek help. After proper consultation, they are able to go to the root of their problems easily and can stop anxiety attacks altogether. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can identify anxiety and nip it in its bud. Anxiety can creep in slowly, without bothering you much initially. Then it can suddenly cripple your life before you realize what happened. But even in these extreme situations, help is always available. You can overcome anxiety even if the attacks are coming in close one after the other.

What Can Relieve Anxiety?     

 There is ample help available for anxiety relief. Once you decide to seek relief, you can choose from the options mentioned above – self-medication, therapy, or medical treatment. Each person is different and reacts to relief in different forms. This means that what may have worked for one person may not necessarily work for you. However, a good place to start relief is self-discipline and medication.

Self-Medication and Discipline – Don’t Live With Anxiety

There is no greater high than taking the reins of your life in your own hands, but wisely. A few things that are known to help combat anxiety are –

  • Eating Healthy
  • Exercising Daily
  • Going to Sleep at the same time everyday
  • Reading a book before bed or listening to music
  • Picking up a new hobby

It is also not uncommon to try self-medication through mood supplement pills. They are commonly made using natural ingredients and are very popular in alternative medicines. Mood supplement pills are made using herbs, minerals, and amino acids that are known to contain stress and anxiety. Though they are small pills, they are known to be fast-acting and give long-term relief. The longer you take them, the better they work for you. Essentially they are not medicines but supplements, which means you can have them as long as you want without seeking medical advice. However, it is always advisable to talk to your GP or health expert before trying any alternative medicines.

Therapy – Don’t Live With Anxiety

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common approach used for treating anxiety. It is a short-term treatment approach where the patient’s problematic thoughts and patterns are identified and studied. CBT helps a patient understand the triggers that cause anxiety attacks, and a therapist helps the person overcome these triggers. There are also other forms of therapies that are practiced by professionals. It is difficult to say what route a therapist will take to cure your attacks. Every therapist assesses a patient’s mental capacity and accordingly treats him/her.


There are several medicines that are regularly given to patients with anxiety issues. The common medicines prescribed range from Buspirone to antidepressants. However, the problem with chemical medicines is that they come with a lot of side effects ranging from nausea to stomach ache, headache to dizziness, and more. Prolonged dosage of antidepressants can harm the body in many ways too. Never pop a pill without first talking to your doctor.

Anxiety disorder is a serious mental illness and one of the most common ones. Millions of people are affected by it. Just because it is very common doesn’t mean it is untreatable. It is. You do not need to live with anxiety disorder your whole life. Help is always near you, and all you need to do is talk. Share your fears, talk to your friends and family. If that doesn’t help, consult a therapist. Do not just live with it. If you are afraid to try aggressive treatment if you are seeing initial symptoms of the illness, you can try the naturally-derived mood supplements. They are not only effective but also have minimal side effects. If you are looking for an anxiety cure without medication, these are your best options.

Anxiety is a treatment disorder. Do not live with it. Fight it and emerge victoriously.


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