Your children have a different level of milestones in life that bring out your biggest smiles. From learning how to walk, to talk, to say “Mama” or “dada,” up until developing and discovering their skills, everything makes your heart take its biggest leap.

As a parent, one obvious thing that really matters to you is to make your kids love and learn swimming. This fun water activity isn’t an innate ability or skill; hence, it needs ample time to be learned and get familiar with it.

Though, for some unfortunate reasons, some children find it scary to be in the water. It’s not an easy task to get your kids to get into the water – and that’s a fact.

So, for those parents out there, including you, who want their kids to engage in the amazing water activity, stick with these pages and don’t think of turning your back into it. Read and find out how you can effortlessly turn your kids’ “I hate water!” dilemma into “I want to go swimming!” desires.

1. Familiarise them with water at an early age

The kind of fear that most children have when getting into the water can somehow be changed – but it’s going to take a lot of time. Their fear of the water may be inborn or developed through watching scary movies or TV shows that portraits horrendous events in different bodies of water, or terrifying portrayals of sea creatures.

To make your children love swimming, give all your might to familiarise them with water at an early age. You won’t want to tell them horrifying “shark attack” stories or terrible ship-sinking events if you’re determined to get them comfortable going into the water.

Instead of the heart-thumping stories, tell them how beautiful it is to live near the ocean, or the wonders you can find beneath the sea. As a parent, it’s your role to impose the idea that getting into the water isn’t something to be scared for.

2. Introduce them to cute “fishies” – talk with the water creatures

Kids really do have playful minds – so, use it as a powerful weapon. Since simple things can easily entertain your children, why not make the “Introduction to Water Creatures” more fun and entertaining?

Bring them to the zoo or go fishing with your kids. With that, you can go talk with the cute “fishies.” Instead of building the fear in them, develop their learning and awareness to several water creatures to make them love swimming easily.

3. Don’t rush it out! Take it one step at a time

One of the most basic mistakes of parents is pushing their kids to their limits. Well, dearest parent, you can’t make your kids embrace swimming in just a snap.

So, don’t rush it out, and take it one step at a time instead. If they aren’t still ready to take their first dip into the pool, then pause a little bit and wait for the perfect time.

Though the “waiting game” can be frustrating sometimes, you just have to deal with it and wait patiently. And one day, as you see your child take their first step down to the pool, you’ll be grateful that you didn’t force them to do it in their earlier years.

Forcing kids to something they aren’t comfortable with can somehow cause trauma in them through the years. So, it’s important that you give them time and space, and when they’re all ready, then take your part in teaching and guiding them along the way.

4. Purchase swimming equipment perfect for kids

Like what’s been said earlier, kids do have playful minds – which make them get attracted to discoveries and colorful things easily. So, to effectively get them closer and closer to learning and loving swimming, purchase several pieces of swimming equipment that can catch their attention at first glance.

You can have swimming goggles with cartoon prints; a custom made caps for kids, colorful swimwear, cute kickboards, and more! Most importantly, target your kids’ taste with a flashy swimming attire, and you can get this by getting them custom made caps or custom swimwear.

And for sure, they’ll be more excited to take a dip into the water more than what you’ve longed for. So, what are you waiting for? Save up some money and go get your kids with the perfect pieces of swimming equipment!

5. Make swimming a family bonding and fun activity

Your home is where your kids develop their skills and abilities. And when it comes to swimming, your kids must see it as a normal part of a lifestyle rather than a required ability or skill to have.

You can skyrocket their willingness to learn swimming by making the water activity more of bonding or part of the family’s quality time. How? Why not build an inflatable pool, or be their first swimming trainers? Or you can put squeaky rubber duckies in the tub while bathing them.


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