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Treadmill | The Ultimate 11 benefits of treadmills


You sleep early, set the alarm totally ready to kick start your fitness goals, and there you are snoozing your alarm next morning and going back to sleep.

With this fast-paced life, we don’t get enough time for all the things we want to do and that waking up one hour early to get the morning run stays a dream.

  With a treadmill you can mold your workout according to the time and place of your choice and can do a short run in your home or office, it’s better to do it little than nothing at all.


You saw the sun outside and confirmed that it’s a good day to run and then immerse yourself into work, and after a few hours when you are done, you see clouds gathering in the sky, and suddenly it’s pouring, sounds familiar? Now you have a muddy and slippery road and weather that would easily make want to stay on the couch. That could be such a bummer for your workout, with the treadmill you do not have to worry about it, you can hop on the treadmill any time of the day or night without caring about the weather condition you can skip the rain. 


Outdoor running can get pretty intense; it’s easy to get lost in the runner’s high and lose focus drivers, bumps, holes, uneven roads. Treadmill workout allows you to focus on the goal of your workout. It saves you from the impact that outdoor running has, such as accidents, knee, and joint pain.

It is particularly good for people who have knee problems and are obese the being treadmill cushioned keeps your knee safe and prevents injuries.                                                

Fear of being judged

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed to go to the gym, you see people lifting heavy weights, wearing fancy gym gear every day, looking lean, and you feel out of place, well you are not alone. According to a survey done by fitrated, around 65% of women avoid the gym from the fear of being judged, and 36% male feels the same. With a treadmill, you have full freedom to run that ugly run without caring about how you look or people judging you.


When you run on a treadmill, you can see yourself in the mirror, which gives you awareness of your form, body movements, leg position, etc. gives you a chance to work on them. Hence improving your running form and avoiding injuries.

Teaches you pace – Marathon

Marathon runners have different paces and have to prepare for races are all programmed differently according to, time, speed, lapse, etc 

Running on the treadmill gives you full control over your practice; you can adjust the speed, incline level, time. It educates you about pace and trains your body to run accordingly, which is hard when you are running outdoors; you might start slow or fast.

Sticking to habits

If you are sincere about running and have to get your practice done every day despite the weather conditions, time of the day treadmill might be better than outdoor running. It will make you stick to your habits.

Available in different sizes

There are so many different varieties of treadmill available in the market for everyone, hybrid, foldable, manual, compact, lightweight, and commercial, etc. There are even manual treadmills for people who are not a fan of electronic equipment, which only starts when you start walking thus preventing any risk involved with electronic ones.

Teaches you pace

Marathon runners have to be ready, and the races are all programmed differently according to, time, speed, lapse, etc. running on the treadmill give you full control over what you want to do. It teaches you to pace, and you have to run accordingly which is hard when you are running outdoors you might start slow or fast.

Track it all

You can track, speed, heart rate, distance, calories burned, preset programs, connect fitness tracking devices, This is not always possible with traditional running you need to buy different trackers and carry your phone all the time.

Makes sweating fun

Running clearly doesn’t have to be monotonous, with the treadmill you can listen to your favorite songs, watch a show, even read a book while walking. The modern treadmill also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers, a port for your MP3 player, LCD screen to track your progress.


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