The body is mostly made of water – up to 60% to be exact. Water is the main constituent in every cell, tissue, and organ in the body, making it a necessity for your survival.

Also, water contains essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium for proper body functioning. However, too much of these minerals in your water may also cause unwanted side effects, so you may need to consider filtration systems like the zazen Glass Water Filter System. Filters are useful to flush out excess minerals and foreign substances so that you can enjoy a glass of purified and healthy water. Staying hydrated is an important part of maintaining good health. IV treatment in Orange County is a way to stay hydrated and it helps the body absorb fluids more effectively, which can improve overall health and vitality. Proper hydration is essential for countless bodily functions, from regulating body temperature to lubricating joints.

You may be wondering how exactly drinking water benefits your body. This featured content shares the important benefits of drinking enough water throughout the day. Keep on reading to learn more.

It Aids In Digestion

Proper hydration is critical for healthy digestion. According to experts, water helps in breaking down the food you eat, allowing for the better absorption of nutrients in your body. In addition, water promotes gastric emptying, stimulates intestinal motility, and assists in bowel movements.

In fact, drinking enough water helps in preventing and relieving constipation. Constipation is a common issue characterized by difficulty passing stool and infrequent bowel movements. Increasing your water intake makes the stool softer and easier to pass.

It Improves Physical Performance

Hydration is a critical factor influencing your physical performance. Several studies revealed that dehydration can cause your physical performance to suffer.

When you don’t have enough water, it can reduce motivation, increase fatigue, and alter your body temperature. As a result, dehydration can make physical activities feel much more difficult, both mentally and physically.

This makes hydration more important during high heat or intense exercises. Getting enough water is associated with increased energy levels and improved functional changes in your body, thereby increasing physical performance. So, whether you’re working under the blistering sun all day long or have intense workout activity, staying hydrated can help maximize your performance.

It’s Good For Your Organs

Staying hydrated is also good for your heart, kidney, lungs, brain, and just about every organ in your body. After all, your body organs are mostly made of water. To give you an example, the heart and brain are composed of 73% water, the kidneys are 79% water, and even your lungs are watery, containing about 83% water.

Drinking enough water ensures that your organ can properly function, preventing concentrated toxins in the blood that passes your organs as well as imbalance of electrolyte minerals. In particular, proper hydration can significantly benefit your kidneys, helping in the effective filtration and removal of toxins and waste from your blood and keeping your body clean and healthy.

It May Help In Increasing Focus And Preventing Mental Illnesses

As mentioned before, staying hydrated helps your organs, specifically your brain, to function properly. By improving brain function, you can increase focus, memory, and mood. As a result, drinking enough water can help in improving your concentration and productivity throughout the day.

In fact, drinking water may benefit your overall mental health as well. Dehydration can sap your brain’s energy causing your brain to become inefficient or even shut down. This can result in moodiness and increased risk of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, not having enough water is also associated with less serotonin production – your body’s ‘happy hormone’. This can heavily influence your mood while also increasing stress in the body.

By taking enough water, you can ensure the proper function of your brain and stimulate other bodily processes that may help keep mental illnesses at bay.

It Helps In Losing Weight

it helps in losing weight

Most people resort to extreme diet plans and intense workouts to lose weight and stay fit. While no one’s stopping you in your fitness goals, squeezing proper hydration into your routine can significantly help in losing weight (and it’s great for your skin).

Drinking enough water can help in your efforts of losing weight by boosting your metabolism and increasing the feeling of being full. Experts recommend that you consume water at least 30 minutes before every meal. Doing so helps raise your metabolism, increasing the number of calories burned as well as making you feel full before eating.

Plus, water can be a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. This can significantly reduce your risk of obesity while keeping your body healthy.

It Boosts Your Protection

Your immune system is the body’s defense system, consisting of numerous cells, molecules, and tissues working together to help the body resist and fight off infections.

In general, the immune system is dependent on your circulatory system for transporting much-needed oxygen, nutrients, and infection-fighting white blood cells (WBC) throughout the body. It depends on your lymphatic system too which helps in the removal of foreign pathogens and toxins.

And proper hydration is key to the proper functioning of these systems since they’re mostly made of water. Drinking the daily recommended quantity of water can keep these systems functioning properly, and, in turn, boost your body’s overall protection. However, if you already have a weakened immune system, and want to boost it before starting your rehydration plan, you can try taking supplements like tablets, or powders, or for more rapid results – Intravenous therapy. You can apply for IV therapy in OKC, and have an immediate energy boost within.


And there you have it! These are just some of the most important benefits of staying hydrated, but there’s so much more to it. Water is a powerful element in terms of your overall health and performance, thus you want to make sure that you get enough of it every single day.