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5 Step Summer Body Programme During Lockdown

Even though most of us are unable to get out as we usually do, as we can’t get to the gym or play the sports that we typically enjoy, it’s still important to stay in shape. We are reaching the time of year where we think about getting our ‘summer body’ ready. We really don’t know if we’ll be getting out much this summer, but it’s best to prepare in case we do. Here are five workout steps to follow to get in shape at home.


We may be lacking access to the gym, we may not be able to do weights, etc. but we can always get our cardio in as it’s the type of exercise that we can always find a way to do even without any equipment. You may be able to get out for a jog or a bike ride, and this is great if your area allows it. But even if this is not the case, there are plenty of cardio exercises at home you can do with nothing more than your own body, and this includes a series of jumps, kicks, and moves. 


Anyone with even a basic understanding of health and fitness will know that a mix of diet and exercise is the way to go, but that it is almost impossible to lose weight by exercising while maintaining a high-calorie diet. For this reason, it’s essential to be cutting calories while maintaining an active exercise routine. It’s also important to be aware of the quality of these calories, eat good, complex carbohydrates, less refined sugars, and processed foods, and plenty of organic grains, vegetables, and protein.

Core Workouts

Your core muscles are used in so many sports and activities. If you are unable to participate in sporting activity, then you may not notice it at first, but your core will suffer. They are plenty of core exercises and courses you can complete at your house. There are numerous examples of 30-day core challenges that can be done at home, often via your smart-phone and using systems such as Pilates. There are examples of this that can be set to match your ability level from beginner up to advanced

Weights (if possible)

We add this section with a qualifier, and if you have a decent weight bench or weight machine in your home, then resistance training is an easy and safe way of getting fit and making gains at home. It may still be possible to order weight lifting equipment online and delivered, however, there are reports that demand is high for such items, and delivery may be delayed or prices higher than they usually are.

Body-Weight Workouts

You can do exercises utilizing nothing more than the weight of your own body. Things like push-ups and squats can be of immeasurable benefit. You can even do this if you are in poor shape or pregnant (make sure to discuss any potential issues with your doctor first if needed). 


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