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5 Benefits of an Eyeglasses Store When Needing New Glasses

Optical sight and vision are two important parts of the human senses. However, an individual’s eyesight inevitably deteriorates over time due to a variety of natural and acquired factors. Whether you have excellent eyesight or are encountering eye problems and vision issues right now, you should still prioritize proper eye care, correction, and treatment.

Importance of Eyesight Correction

Eyeglasses are the most popular choice for vision correction. They also serve as protection against harsh foreign stressors such as UV rays, dust, and dirt to avoid eye damage and irritation. However, if you’re using eyeglasses for corrective purposes, you should have an accurate prescription from your eye doctor.

When purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses, whether for correctional or protective reasons, it would be best to find a physical store that offers eyeglasses because of these five benefits:

1. Eye Examinations for a Fraction of the Price

If you’re planning to have eyesight correction, you’ll save more time and money through visiting an optical store than a separate optometrist for consultations and an eyeglasses store to get your glasses. Chinatown eyeglasses solution Mott Street offers comprehensive eye examinations before choosing your eyeglasses to ensure that you’ll get the right vision fit. You’ll more likely get a discount on your eye examination if you choose your eyewear from the same store.

Eye examinations are a must for existing sight and vision conditions, as well as in diagnosing serious eye diseases that become more likely as you age. Here are some fundamental eye examinations conducted before an eyewear prescription:

  • Refraction test
  • Visual acuity test
  • Peripheral visual field test
  • Retinoscopy
  • Keratometry test

2. Try Out the Eyeglasses in Person

There’s no better reason to visit an eyeglasses store when getting a new pair than having to try the eyeglasses yourself. Instead of ordering online or having it delivered to your place, you can have the firsthand experience of seeing, feeling, and wearing the eyeglasses. You’ll also have the chance to pick out and try each frame design and see if it fits your face and preference.

Also, choosing an eyeglass frame just from pictures online can be inaccurate. Color display or print may vary from pictures, so you won’t exactly determine if the color suits your skin tone.

3. Wide Range of Eyewear Available

Choosing the right pair of eyewear doesn’t solely depend on your style and taste, but your face shape, skin tone, eye color, hair color, and lifestyle are additional factors that you should take into account. Therefore, it’s paramount for an eyeglasses store to have a wide selection of all types of eyewear. This way, you can choose as many eyewear options as you can, and then start narrowing down your choices by trying them on.

While online stores also have a broad spectrum of eyewear choices, it’ll be more difficult to pick as you can’t see them in their actual appearance. Also, some eyewear designs might be unavailable or out of stock.

When picking the right eyewear according to your visual appearance, don’t forget to analyze the frame shape, color, material, and additional decorations, as well as the type of nose pads attached.

4. Availability of Eye Professionals

Most eyeglasses stores today are licensed optical stores that involve a team of eye professionals to help diagnose your condition and find the right eye treatment plan for you. Through visiting an optical store, you can obtain an accurate eyeglass prescription because getting the incorrect fit without the help of eye doctors will only do more harm to your eyes.

Eyeglasses stores can have different eye professionals: optician, optometrist, and ophthalmologist. If you’re only planning to get eyeglasses for vision correction, an optometrist will attend to you. When visiting an eyeglasses store in person, the optometrist can walk you through the examination, selection, and fitting stages of buying eyeglasses.

Furthermore, the optometrist can also make customized adjustments if you have special corrective needs. After purchasing your new pair, the eye doctor will also give you some tips and advice to keep your eyes healthy and maintain your eyeglasses.

5. Assistance Provided by Certified Eyewear Consultants

Last but not least, eyewear consultants in physical stores can assist you in choosing the right eyewear according to their professional knowledge. For instance, they can provide comparisons between specific lens and frame manufacturers, as well as their pros and cons, to help you arrive in the best decision possible.

Additionally, eyewear consultants are responsible for explaining patients on how to get services and repairs for their existing glasses. These professionals will make sure that the eyewear you choose suits your budget, needs, and preferences.


While you may be tempt to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses online because of its cheaper price and delivery convenience, you’re actually putting yourself into more trouble. Instead, visit the eyeglasses store near you to obtain proper eye check-ups, prescription, and fitting with exceptional professional service without breaking your bank. 


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