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Why Choose Full-Spectrum CBD Oils?

Why does it matter to buy the right type of CBD oil? A good quality product has the capacity to alleviate pain and improve wellbeing. Finding a brand that offers premium-quality CBD Oil UK is a must if you want to maximize its benefits. To do so, you need a more in-depth understanding of the different types of CBD oil and the advantages of full-spectrum CBD Oils form over others.

In the UK, there are many brands that offer high-quality CBD products. Take note that growing, distributing, and using CBD products are allowed with certain conditions in this country. They should contain a very small amount of THC or less than 0.2%. It is also important to know that all CBD products in the UK are not sold for medicinal use but only as cosmetic (for topical application) and food supplements (when ingested).

Types of CBD oil

There are three forms of cannabidiol: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

  • Full-spectrum – It contains all the main components of the cannabis plant, including a low level of tetrahydrocannabinol (HTC).
  • Broad-spectrum – It retains the components of the cannabis plant but without THC.
  • CBD isolate – It is the pure version of CBD, without any compound of the cannabis plant.

Why opt for full-spectrum CBD oil?

A full-spectrum CBD oils comes from a high-quality hemp strain that contains over 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, 20 amino and fatty acids, protein, and essential vitamins that help in well-being. When all these beneficial naturally occurring compounds work in unison, it delivers ‘the entourage effect’ that positively influences the body and mind.

Some of the known cannabinoids make full-spectrum CBD oils highly effective in alleviating pain, reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, and promote mental wellness.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD activates the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) by triggering the nerve endings or channel receptors that influence the peripheral and central nervous systems. It is also an ‘adaptogen’, a chemical agent that helps the body accommodate various levels of emotional and physical stress. In general, CBD supports body recovery, normal sleep cycles, and a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Cannabinol (CBN)

It provides inflammatory, sedative, and anticonvulsant effects.

Cannabichromene (CBC)

It offers anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant properties.

Cannabigerol (CBG)

CBG has shown positive effects for glaucoma, cancer, skin diseases, and inflammation because of its anti-tumour, anti-fungal, and inflammatory properties.

Cannabidivarin (CBDV)

It delivers anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, and anticonvulsant properties that effectively reduce pain and the effects of mood disorders. This compound also provides system relief for HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease.

And yes, full-spectrum CBD oil has a low concentration of intoxicating compound THC. Always follow the recommended dosage of CBD oil or any other CBD products to avoid the risk of intoxication. 

How to optimize the use of CBD oil?

CBD oil is taken under the tongue or sublingually. It makes the effect take place within 15-30 minutes. If you are a new user, it is important to go slow or start with a lower dose and increase the amount by 5-10 mg as needed or every three days until you get the full effects. Avoid high doses to prevent adverse effects.

What do you get from full-spectrum CBD oil?

1. It induces a sense of calmness and relaxation.

The cannabinoids interact with the brain, allowing it to slow down and reduce the overwhelming thoughts that are usually associated with busyness, stress, and anxiety. When you are relaxed, you become more productive, make better decisions, and go through challenges more confidently.

2. It helps manage stressors and anxiety.

Full-spectrum CBD oils has potent ingredients that immediately bind to the serotonin receptors of the brain to help you chill out. It aids in relieving common symptoms that are associates with everyday stress at work or in personal life. A study in 2011 reported that using CBD oil helps in reducing social and mental anxiety.

3. It alleviates pain and discomfort.

CBD products are well-known for their capability to relieve pain by reducing tension and inflammation from inside out. This ability is more potent in full-spectrum hemp products due to the presence of beneficial compounds that work together to treat pain. CBD oil can fast-track the positive effect because it is easily ingested by the body, reducing joint pain, arthritis, PMS, tendonitis, and muscle tension caused by activities, ageing, or illness. 

4. It improves energy and sleep levels.

Full-spectrum CBD oil work both ways, helping you face your daily tasks with optimum energy and sleep well to recharge the spent energy. With the help of different cannabinoids, CBD oil can effectively treat insomnia and induce a tranquil feeling that improves sleep quality. When you wake up, you feel more energetic and ready to go through the day.


To ensure that you are getting the full benefits, always look for the product’s potency level, overall ingredients, and manufacturing process. Look for a trusted brand that offers premium CBD oils and has outstanding user reviews.


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