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Why CEOs Are Starting Their Days with a Dose of CBD

Quite a number of renowned CEOs today admit to using CBD to improve their performance at work. According to these professionals, the substance comes with a cocktail of health and dietary benefits that help them to stay on top of their game throughout the day.

But what are the reasons behind the growing number of CEOs dosing on CBD at the start of each day? First, in the interest of those who have no clue what CBD is, we’ll start at the beginning. 

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol and is a substance that’s obtained from the cannabis plant. CBD is contrasted from one of its cousins – 9-delta tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – in that THC comes with psychotropic and intoxicating effects. But as you shall find, the mind-altering effects of THC aren’t as bad as they’re usually painted. In fact, experts recommend using CBD and THC together for better performance at work. It’s also worth mentioning that apart from CBD and THC, cannabis contains more than 100 compounds, also known as cannabinoids. 

Now that you’re acquainted with CBD let’s explore the top reasons why CEOs start their days with a dose of CBD substance.

CBD Improves Mental Focus

Heightened focus and concentration are instrumental to a CEO’s ability to discharge their duties effectively. However, there are lots of distractions at the workplace that tend to veer our minds off important tasks. Without addressing these distractions, you can often be left with lots of work to do and little time in which to do it. Choosing lab tested CBD gummies that really work can help you make use of this benefit.

Thankfully, CBD has been shown to help improve focus, concentration, and mental clarity at work. CBD keeps a CEO focused by activating the 5-HT1A receptor while elevating eCB tone. As a result, a manager is able to coordinate all the duties and obligations under his jurisdictions more efficiently. 

The substance has also been shown to mediate mental slumps. Mental slumps are situations when your brain implodes such that no ideas come in, and nothing gets out. And this is something that most CEOs can relate to, especially during those routine boardroom meetings while brainstorming critical ideas on the company’s progress. 

Dosing on CBD each morning helps to eliminate mental slumps by boosting the brain’s neural pathways that are responsible for thought navigation. Numerous studies link CBD to dopamine activity. Dopamine is one of the brain’s chemical neurotransmitters that’s charged with regulating memory, mental awareness, and focus.

CBD Relieves Pain

There are numerous ways that CEOs can suffer pain in the course of their work. Work-related pain ranges from neck and back pain experienced when working at a desk, to muscle and joint pains from climbing up and down stairs throughout the day. 

Smart CEOs understand that with pained muscles and joints, you can hardly get anything done. That’s why they’ve since resorted to dosing on CBD at the beginning of each day. CBD contains immense analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep pain at bay. 

Studies conducted by the National Institute of Health found that CBD is highly effective for chronic pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties also kick in for people suffering from inflammation. With no pain to distract you, there’s no limit to how productive you can be at work.

CBD Reduces Workplace Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious occupational concern among most CEOs. As the organization’s numero uno, the pressure to keep the company on a consistent growth trajectory can be a bit overwhelming. You have to stay in the loop on all the happenings at different levels of the organization. You must know when employees aren’t pulling their weight enough and when the company’s operational policies are becoming unviable. All these tasks leave you stressed out. 

To stay ahead of their work and maintain a level head in the face of a stressful work environment, most CEOs have taken to CBD use. All it requires to banish workplace anxiety is purchasing a powerful CBD product

from reputable brands. CBD Gummies in Canada is highly popular among users to treat anxiety and something worth giving a try.

CBD Uplifts Mood

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s difficult to find a CEO that doesn’t face one form of workplace anxiety or another. Even those who work in the least stressful environments will always have their low moments. 

For instance, staff insubordination is enough to ruin an otherwise good day. Other common challenges that might spoil your mood at work include intrusive email ads or dishonest marketing practices by your competitors

.It’s natural to experience mood swings. But when they keep occurring, they can significantly affect your productivity. Dose of CBD every morning helps to keep your morale up all day. CBD lifts your mood by activating certain chemicals in the brain like serotonin, which are associated with happiness and positivity.

CBD Improves Energy

Running up and down inspecting projects, contacting prospects to try and close deals, coordinating interdepartmental functions. These are some of the challenges CEOs go through at work, which leave them mentally and physically drained. 

CBD keeps you energized by interacting with your body’s endogenous cannabinoids. In turn, these activities suppress the functions of your body cells that are responsible for keeping you sleepy and sluggish. The substance is also effective in boosting metabolism, which escalates the rate at which the body syntheses energy.

CBD Improves Sleep

Right off the bat, let’s make a rather sad observation that as a CEO, you’ll probably be the last to go to bed and the first to get up. Therefore, you want to ensure that you have an uninterrupted sleep for the few hours you get. Unfortunately, sleep has a way of eluding us when we want it most. But without adequate sleep at night, it’s impossible to have a productive day at work. 

CEOs that dose of CBD hail the substance for its ability to ensure sleep quality and quantity. CBD combats insomnia and other sleep-related disorders by erasing the REM-phase of sleep. The REM phase, which happens right before dawn, is the stage associated with the most dreams.

Whether you are a company CEO or regular employee, there are numerous ways to benefit from a dose of CBD every morning. If you care about optimizing your productivity at work, now is the time to incorporate CBD into your routine.


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