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Tips On Choosing The Best Futon Mattress For Improved Sleep Quality

Restful sleep is essential to the healing process of the body overnight. If your mattress is not giving you the comfort you need, you may toss and turn all night or wake up tired instead. While many factors can affect sleep, the best futon mattress plays a huge role in making sure that you get a good rest. Not all futon mattresses are the same, though. The creation of mattresses stems from the need to have something that will conform to various requirements. But what exactly is a futon mattress, and how does it differ from a typical futon mattress? 

A futon mattress is Japanese-style bedding, with the word futon meaning bed in the Japanese language. It typically consists of the mattress and a duvet. The Japanese version is initially thin and firm, while its American counterpart is thicker and plusher. Compared to regular mattresses, futon mattresses are also foldable and convertible into a couch. Couches using futons are also known as day beds. Its popularity rose from the minimalistic approach of saving space for any dwelling size. 

Why Buy A Futon Mattress

Sleep can be affected by the kind of mattress you have. A post by the Sleep Foundation states that about 93% of those who took the sleep survey said that a comfortable mattress contributes to better sleep. It is not as simple as choosing, which is the most comfortable but also which one is better for lumbar support. Many consumers are suffering from upper and lower back pain. There are also other symptoms caused by the misalignment of the spine. A futon mattress, depending on the layering, is potentially firmer and gives better back support. 

A futon mattress is comfortable, and it is multipurpose. A small apartment can use a futon mattress as a sofa during the day and unfold it to lay on the floor when it is bedtime. It is more economical because regular beds and mattresses are expensive. It is also perfect for students who are staying in dormitories, serves as extra bedding for house guests, and you can also choose to bring it along on a trip with you. It can help save space both when in use and even when in storage since it is foldable. 

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What To Look For In A Futon Mattress

Understanding the different types of futon will help you to choose one that is right for your needs. 

Material and Filling

Futon makers use different types of stuffing to fill mattresses. Some use a particular type of base material, while others are a combination. 

  1. Futons with innerspring are thick and bouncy. However, these types of futon mattresses cannot be folded and will only benefit larger rooms. They may be bulkier but are not as fussy when it comes to maintenance since they only require flipping every six months.
  2. The polyester material is hypoallergenic and less dense. It also retains its shape longer compared to the cotton variant. They are the most popular for being able to support different body types, too.
  3. Cotton foam is breathable and recyclable. It typically has layers of foam, which makes it softer and more resilient to shape loss. They are also known for being inexpensive.
  4. Wool type futon mattresses are unusual, and they are better suited to colder climates for having natural insulation. Because they do not easily hold their shape, manufacturers add foam to the core to add a little bounce and softness.


Being a two in one product means it will have to be the type of mattress that will bend to the will of the user. Those with small apartments or dorms will be able to make use of it in two ways. If you have a thinner futon and a larger space, you can use a wooden futon frame with it. Some futons like the ones with inner springs are too thick and are only sleeping. Therefore, you can only stick it to larger spaces. 


Depending on the size of the frame, some would want to sleep on it in couch form. It is for those who do not like the idea of sleeping on the floor. You have the option of getting a frame for your futon mattress if you intend to convert it as a sofa. 

There are two types of frames: wooden and metal. Metal framing varies in quality, which can make it affordable or quite expensive. It also offers a modern aesthetic to homes that aim to achieve the same effect. Wooden framing is versatile and offers a rustic or contemporary look. Metal framing seems like the long-lasting option, but proper maintenance on wooden ones will help. The slats on both types of frames where the futon rests should have an appropriate distance of 2.3 to 3 inches to give the best support and avoid sagging. 

Additionally, you will also need to consider the size of the framing. It will depend on the room you have and the occupants who will be using it. A queen size would be best for a single person use only if it will fit the bedroom or at least not hinder any movement. Before buying, it would be best to measure the space you have available for a futon to occupy. 


Come night at bedtime, and you will need to be comfortable until you get up in the morning. A good futon mattress will give you that. Losing sleep because of your mattress means it needs replacing. And for futons, it is not just about sleeping but for sitting as well. There will be chances of family and friends visiting your home, and you would want them to be as comfortable as possible. Deciding on a futon mattress when it comes to comfort is relatively easy. It all comes down to how you feel after sitting on the material for a few minutes. There are many types of futon mattress material with various kinds of layering. Since you will be relaxing and sleeping on it most of the time, it should serve your preference.


The quality of sleep also has to do with how your mattress feels once it bears your weight. Some futon mattresses are too thin, and your body only sinks into the hard floor or frame. Cushions with firm layering and can best conform to your body are the best types, especially if you are suffering from chronic pain. Beware of a cotton mattress that does not have a high-density foam layer since it will only lose shape and go thin in a matter of months. 


Some mattresses are too small for comfort. If you don’t have the right size of a futon mattress, your feet may as well be hanging from the bed. There is no direct effect on health with having your feet dangle off the bed, but some may be bothered by it or not get to sleep well at all. It’s better to measure yourself first before buying a futon mattress. Take note of the width as well if you’re the type who likes a spacious bed.

Price Range

Affordability also has to do with the kind of sleep you can have because of its long term usage. Settling on low-end mattresses is detrimental most of the time because it did not undergo testing or the materials used are substandard. You don’t need to spend so much on futon mattresses if you rely on reputable brands that produce both affordable and high-quality futons. On average low-end mattresses could cost $100 and above and $700 and above for the high-end ones.


A mattress that can keep you comfortable for years to come is the best kind. Mattresses that lose shape overtime might not have received the treatments and layering that good futon mattresses do. Not only the shape, but you must also inspect the seams that may come undone after a few months of usage. Foam cores must also have a good density to contribute to the firmness of the mattress. The high-quality foam is resilient and is not easily affected by repetitive use.

Additional Covers

Some people may not want to spend on a new mattress but may consider layering. You may want to add a featherbed, a comforter, or an air mattress on top of your futon mattress. Each cover gives different types of firmness and thickness. Featherbeds use down fillings and add an amount of warmth and softness. Comforters are more common and are a lighter alternative. It’s also a better option for the featherbed that may cause allergies to the user. 

The Takeaway

People have different levels of comfort, and choosing the best type of futon mattress can mean the world of difference to how they sleep. Taking the following into consideration will help find the futon mattress that will cater to what you need. It is alright to work around them since there are consumers who suffer from medical issues. It is still essential to do your due diligence and read reviews on various brands that could potentially save your sleep. 


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