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The 7 Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease That You Should Know About

Forgetting things easily or getting lost in the middle of a once-familiar route is an experience that no one will deny. However, when it becomes a frequent activity, it calls for some questioning and medical attention. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, and it doesn’t just happen all at once.

Basically, all the stages of Alzheimer’s disease fall into 3 major phases. These phases are what we know as the No Dementia, Early Phases Dementia, and the Severe Dementia phase. It is within these phases that we find all 7 stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

So, what are these stages of dementia we’re talking about? Keep reading to find them below.

7 Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

No Dementia

Stage 1 No Cognitive Impairment

Alzheimer’s is a silent disease. It usually occurs without the victim’s knowledge for over 10-20 years before finally showing up. It is also called Preclinical Alzheimer’s. You may have an idea about your probability of the disease by family history and genetics study. Typically, your physician will ask you questions about any sign of memory disorder. In this stage, the patient is completely sound and independent and may not understand that they have the disease.

Stage 2 Very Mild Cognitive Decrease

Adults that are 65 years old or more are more likely to experience this kind of disease. Adults at this stage will have common cognitive declines, like forgetfulness. Also, individuals at this stage will experience the decline much faster than individuals their age without the disease. Forgetting a familiar person’s name, or a known word, or even familiar locations. These problems are still mild and may be unknown to family members and friends.

Stage 3 Slight Cognitive Decline

In this stage, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s become more revealed over the years. This overall stage stays for nearly seven (7) years. However, only close relatives and friends will observe these signs. In addition, overall performance will decrease, and the patients will face difficulties trying to learn new skills.

In this stage, the individuals need to visit the doctor more often and undergo more intense evaluation. This is more critical if they are functioning in complex job positions. Additionally, the individual may have slight to modest denial and anxiety.

Early Phase Dementia

Stage 4 Modest Cognitive Decrease

This stage spans nearly 2 years. It also is the beginning of diagnosable Alzheimer’s. Here, the individual will have challenges in performing complex daily activities. They will experience more mood swings like denial and withdrawal and also a declined emotional reaction.

In stage 4, the symptoms that will unravel are:

  • Memory loss of the individual’s history.
  • Incapacity to count down from 100 within 7 seconds.
  • Increasing forgetfulness of present and very recent activities.
  • Difficulty handling money.

The physician will also evaluate the symptoms outlined in the third stage. At this stage, the individual will remember the weather.

Stage 5 Modestly Severe Cognitive Decrease

This stage is more critical and demands additional help. Individuals who don’t get sufficient help become more upset and suspicious. The fifth stage lasts over a year and a half. At this stage, the individual recalls his/her name and that of close relatives, but weather, important events, or even their home address will be a challenge.

At this stage, they will experience more difficulty tracking place and time and counting down. These individuals will require more support as they can’t stay independently again.

Severe Dementia

Stage 6 Chronic Cognitive Decrease

In stage 6, the individual will experience difficulties in the following areas within two and a half years. The individuals may recognize the faces of their relatives and friends but forget their names. Going to the bathroom may even be a messy activity, as they may even lose control of their bladder. Also, they will start experiencing more delusions, such as thinking they need to go to the market or work; meanwhile, that isn’t so.

Stage 7 Most Chronic Cognitive

This is the most critical stage and requires the most help. The individuals will now experience more severe body pains, as their tissues, tendons, and muscles will become more rigid. The most common death cause for individuals at this stage is pneumonia.

Within less than 5 years, the individual will go through the following sub-stages:

  • Speech declines to six or lesser words.
  • Speech decreases to just one recognizable word.
  • Loss of speech.
  • Inability to sit up by themselves.
  • Uncheerful looks and bland or sad moods.
  • Inability to keep their head up independently.


Alzheimer’s disease is dreadful. While it is more prevalent among adults over 65 years of age, there are very rare cases of individuals between 35-40 having the disease.

If you find out that you or your loved one has AD, ensure to seek medical attention and eat specific fruits for the disease.


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