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Simple Ways To Enhance Your Endurance Cardio

If you are a budding triathlete with an exceptional passion for endurance sports such as swimming, cycling, and running, you may be on the hunt for new and improved methods of enhancing your endurance and your stamina. While opting for Online triathlon coaching would be one of the best ways for aspiring athletes to incorporate their training into their current lifestyles, adapting to certain methods during training sessions can drastically enhance your abilities. Here are a few top options to consider to train your body to be able to handle more during obstacle courses and races.

Reduce Rest Time Between Sets

When you are at the gym, focusing on building muscle tone or opting for extreme cardio workouts, the amount of time you take to rest between your sets will massively impact your endurance abilities. Opting for shorter resting periods will ultimately train your mind and your body to endure more. The shorter breaks will be a great choice for those searching for the most effective methods of boosting performance as long breaks will allow muscles to relax fully while shorter breaks will not. You could gradually reduce your resting times to avoid burnout at the gym.

Combining Strength Training With Cardio Training

Many young athletes make the mistake of opting out of strength training with the misleading belief that it will not benefit your cardio progress. Even though you should avoid building muscle to a point where your cardio abilities would be restricted, one of the best ways to boost your endurance is to combine your cardio days with your strength training days. This means you should opt for cardio exercises that incorporate strength building regimes. Your body’s abilities will be pushed to new levels as cardio performance is ultimately maximized.

One form of cardio that allows you to incorporate this effectively is rowing. Training on a rowing machine not only provides a great cardio workout but also adds a resistance element. The best rowers allow you to adjust the resistance level based on the type of workout you wish to perform, making it a great choice for your strength training days. 

For example, set the resistance level high when you want to reduce your rowing speed but work the muscles harder, and to get in a pure cardio workout, just set the resistance to a low level. This gives you the training variability to select between anaerobic and aerobic activity whilst also complimenting your strength training. If you’re interested in rowing as a cardio option check out this article by

Fast-Paced Weight Lifting

Rather than lifting weights casually, you should be enhancing your abilities by picking up the pace. Lifting weights quicker will prove far more strenuous, which means your athletic capabilities will be maximized. When doing excessive amounts of endurance training, your metabolism will change as your muscle tissue will start to degenerate. This is why it is crucial to incorporate strength training as much as possible to avoid muscle tissue from slowly disintegrating.

Exit Your Routine

When it comes to improving your endurance and your stamina, you should avoid setting into a usual routine with workouts and cardio. Your body should get enough variety, which can be done by breaking your routine and incorporating varying exercises. You can also break your routine by performing cardio and strength training exercises out of the gym and opting for a park instead. Rather than getting stuck in a routine, it would help if you focused on methods of adjusting your daily activities to incorporate new and fresh methods. Your body will get used to workout routines after roughly two weeks. Therefore, you should change things up every week to avoid this.

Eating Right

What you decide to put into your body will greatly affect your abilities, although, as an athlete, you should already be quite aware of this. Part of boosting endurance and stamina means you will need to focus on methods of boosting your energy levels. Therefore, your diet should always be a top priority as it will dramatically affect your performance. It would help if you opted for natural foods that are well-known for enhancing energy levels rather than stocking up of unhealthy protein shakes and energy bars. Your source of energy should be as healthy as possible, which is why ample fruits and vegetables are ideal. You should opt for free-range meat and assess your intake quantities to ensure your body is not burning up more than what you are putting in. Cardio will burn calories quite fast, which is why it is important to include adequate calories in your daily diet.

Sufficient Sleep

It is no secret that sleep is important and even more so if you are an athlete. You won’t be able to focus your abilities appropriately without a good night’s rest. For this reason, you should be committed to keeping workout times early in the day as exercise near sleep time would disrupt your sleep patterns and result in mild insomnia. You should always avoid sleep medication in the event that you are battling to get quality sleep. Dedicating your efforts to creating a suitable sleep routine and sleep environment will definitely be well worth the while when it comes to showcasing your endurance abilities as your mental state will be optimized in general.


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