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Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

Some kids are born with vision problems, while others develop eye problems in their childhood. Unfortunately, it is not easy to detect whether or not your kid’s eyes are functioning properly. It is even more challenging to detect vision problems when the kids are young and can’t communicate. Unattended vision problem in children has numerous negative impacts on your kid’s life and health. To ensure your kid’s eyes are functioning properly is advisable to make routine eye checkups to help you detect vision issues early and correct them as early as possible.

Below are some of the signs that your child needs Glasses.

Tilting of head

If you notice your child tilting their head, it might be a sign of eye muscle imbalance or strabismus. Tilting of the head enables them to make up for the eye misalignments. Sometimes, tilting of the head might be a result of ptosis; the upper eyelid blocks the line of vision. For the child to see past the eyelid, they will most likely tilt their head down. Besides your child might be suffering from double vision when looking in a certain direction, tilting the head helps in minimizing or making the double vision more manageable.

Sitting next to a television or bringing books closer

Do you notice your child bringing the book abnormally closer to the face or sitting abnormally closer to the television? Lowering the head while reading or sitting next to the television might be signs of myopia, nearsightedness. Myopia in kids is common. The kids generally see better at a close range and poor vision at a distance. If you notice your kid moving eyes closer to objects, online optometrists tool are effective in helping you determine the extent of the problem. Prolonged and uncorrected problems get work with time.

Losing place while reading

It is good practice to have your kids read aloud to you. This not only improves their confidence and speech but can also be a potential way of detecting eye problems. As your child reads out to you and you notice they have a hard time keeping place while reading, for instance skipping lines, it might be a sign of astigmatism. It can also be a result of eye muscle problems such as strabismus.


Squinting is a common sign of vision problems in kids. Kids often wrinkle their face and eyes so that they can perceive objects more clearly as a reaction to strong or bright light. Squinting momentarily changes the shape of the eye temporarily improving vision. Squinting the eyes reduces the size of the blurred object on the back of the retina, making it easier to focus. If you notice your child squint, it might be as a result of poor vision which should be examined.


If you notice any of these warning signs in your child, it is important to have a full eye exam. The examination can involve using an online optometrist tool or seeing a doctor. The test results may determine whether your kid is nearsighted or farsighted, which are easily corrected with special glasses.

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