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Vital Ways to Secure Your Loved One’s Health & Safety

Being a caregiver is hard, and sometimes you don’t know where to turn in order to protect your loved one’s health and well-being. With essential Services stretched then, oftentimes, you will find yourself feeling alone and having to foot the bill to keep your loved one’s health and safety in check.

Many western countries have an aging population as such family members and friends need to take vigilant steps in order to protect the ones they love. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what the right steps to take are, but with these 7 tips, we will get you on the road to securing the safety of your loved one. 

It all starts with proper nutrition. 

Proper nutrition is so important and so basic, yet because of many factors, including socio-economic issues, many of our loved ones and friends are not eating as they should. With basic nutrition and a balanced diet, one’s health can be supported. If your family member or loved one cannot afford groceries, try your hardest to buy them if you can. If you cannot, then please contact the local food bank or a social worker. 

Are you taking them for their regular health checks?

Sometimes our older family members can be stubborn and do not want to go to the doctor for a myriad of reasons, including the financial burden of visiting the doctor and paying for medicine, or they are afraid of hearing bad news. But, with proper and vital health check-ups, you have a better chance of keeping your loved ones safe and healthy. Many elderly citizens are dying prematurely due to inadequate health care. 

Do they have adequate insurance?

Does your loved one have the right health insurance? Do they have enough insurance? These are all genuine questions that should be addressed with your loved one. Think about if they got sick tomorrow, but they did not have enough coverage to go to the doctor? There are various options if you research different insurance options, including illness insurance Singapore. So if your loved one does not have the right insurance, then you need to take steps to make sure you get the right policy for them. 

Join them in physical activity

There is no better encouragement for your loved one than to join them in physical activity. Many of our loved ones are afraid to engage in physical activity on their own from fear of having a fall, etc. But, with you there to guide them, you both get something out of the equation. You get exercise, and they get companionship while they work out. 

Speak with them and engage them

Studies suggest that lonely people, maybe twice is more likely to develop Alzheimer’s in later life. During later life, much older folk tend to succumb to illnesses like Alzheimer’s due to lack of engagement. If you see your loved one is becoming sad or depressed, take them out of the house. Take them down to the community center, or bring them to grandparents day. It is so important to engage with your loved ones to protect their mental health. If you see some warning signs of Alzheimer’s, take your loved one to a professional for advice and also practice brain training exercises with them to help ward off the illness.

Is their health under control?

In order to look after your loved one’s health, you need to keep a close eye on their health. Sometimes our loved ones don’t want to tell us when they are feeling unwell, but you have to press for information in order to be the best caregiver for your family member. Encourage your family members to keep a food diary and a general wellness diary so they can see where their health may be suffering, and you can be aware of any issues. If you find it hard to get through to your loved one, you could always consider calling a public health nurse or hiring a caregiver for help. You can easily find the best caregivers near you online. Websites like Caregiverlist search for agencies offering their services near you and connect you with the top three recommendations in your local area.

Are they living in a safe environment?

To give your loved one the best chance at a healthy life, you must take stock of their living arrangements. Is the Home Free of mold, or are there safety rails in the bathroom? All of these things can contribute to a better living environment and better health and safety for your loved one. Again, if you do not have the money to pay for modifications or cleaning, there may be charities or government agencies out there that can help you.

The takeaway

Our loved ones must be cherished, loved, and protected. With the right checks and balances, you can achieve the goal of seeing them in good health, and preserve the lifelong relationship that you have made with your loved one for years to come.


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