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4 Thoughtful & Practical Birthday Gifts for Your Son or Daughter at University

If your son or daughter has flown the proverbial nest and started the next phase of their academic career at university, when it comes to choosing a birthday present, you will no doubt want to give them something as thoughtful and sentimental as practical and useful.

So, here for your information and, of course reading pleasure, are five thoughtful yet practical birthday gifts ideas for your son or daughter at university.

A New Tablet

If you are thinking of really treating your child this birthday and you are looking to spend more than the average, then a fantastic idea is to buy them a brand-new tablet device of the highest specifications.

When you are looking into such a gift, you need to be aware of the following fundamental elements when comparing different makes and models:

  • The size of the display
  • The specific operating system
  • Whether or not it can take a memory card
  • If it can host Microsoft Office
  • Weight & overall size
  • Networking & connectivity capabilities

E-Cigarette Kits

Whether or not you are particularly happy about your son or daughter vaping, they are frankly going to do so either way, and as you are not there with them 24/7, if you invest in a high-quality e-cigarette vaping kit, at least you know they are not risking anything with cheaper and potentially faulty products.

Peruse the vast and cost-effective variety of e-liquids and different vaping devices from the renowned and reputable Red Juice, who will be more than happy to give you as much advice and guidance as you need in making the right decision.

A Student Cookbook

It may well be the case that you have been lucky enough as a parent to be able to teach your child at least the basic, fundamental components of being able to cook a cheap and healthy meal.

However, in most cases, it is usual that your child has little to no interest in cooking and prefers to simply order their junk food online, which of course can become more than a little expensive. Now they are living in student accommodation, they will need to be able to learn the basics of cooking, as dining out or ordering take-outs every single night for three years is simply financially impossible. Investing in a specific cookbook which has been written for students who have little to no experience in cooking is, therefore, a brilliant idea for your child.

A Portable Charging Power Bank

Finally, whether your child is someone who is heavily into electronics and social media or not, they will undoubtedly at least have a smartphone which is more than likely seemingly glued to their hand at all times, day and night.

A practical yet thoughtful birthday gifts this year, therefore, would be to invest in a lightweight and high-quality portable charging power bank which can charge more than one device at a time. This will allow your child to charge their devices when they’re out of the home and not be left stranded with zero charge.


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