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5 Simple Things You Need to Know About Nootropic Supplements

Nootropic are supplements that are used to improve the brain’s functionality, including focus, creativity, and attention. The use of nootropics has become increasingly popular over recent years amongst a niche group of people called biohackers. Biohackers are dedicated to unearthing new and innovative ways of improving both physical and mental performance through the use of nootropics—which are now making their way into the mainstream. 

But before you go full Limitless and start popping every nootropic supplement that you can get your hands on. First, there are a few simple things that you should be aware of. Have a read of this article from and take your time to digest the information provided. Nootropics should be approached with careful consideration to get the very best results.

1. Never skimp on quality 

This goes for almost everything in life, though it is even more prominent when it comes to nootropics. In dietary supplements alone, over the last 9 years, 776 unapproved pharmaceutical agents were discovered. This is a staggering number and one that stands testament to the fact that you really should do your research before committing to a certain product. 

Often, nootropic ingredients are purchased through the open market, which can make it impossible to trace the source of the ingredients and therefore verify their purity. Thus, if you want to know precisely what it is that you are putting in your body, then you must only purchase nootropics through a reputable brand that has been certified by the FDA. 

Preferably, you should only be using nootropic supplements that are all-natural and plant based. However, ultimately what you choose to put in your body is your prerogative. If you think your options are limited, then try a brand that offers one of the healthiest options in the market.

2. Be mindful of the research (not all nootropics were tested on healthy brains)

Nootropics are not intended for healthy minds alone. Research is also carried out to find supplements that can be used to improve functionality in failing or aging brains. Thus, if you are looking at one particular nootropic, the research may not apply to you. This is something that you should be (pun intended) mindful of. 

The fact is, all our brains are different, so it can be difficult to produce accurate and empirical data. Even more so when you take alpha-GPC as an example: there are studies that show that when 400mg of alpha-GPC is taken three times a day, those with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease can experience a slight improvement in cognitive function after several months. Now, that is all well and good, but how does that apply to a young and healthy brain? It would be fair to assume that it wouldn’t have a derogatory effect—however, without the data, you should be careful not to make any assumptions. 

Choose a nootropic with sufficient scientific research that is relevant to your condition. Not only is this safer practice, but you will be able to easier gauge as to whether or not that supplement is indeed working for you. 

3. Be weary of side-effects

Whilst nootropics can enhance your mental performance in a great number of ways; they can have certain negative side-effects. For example, yohimbine and caffeine are stimulants commonly found in nootropics, which are known to increase anxiety. In addition to that, whilst they can bolster your reaction time, they can often hinder the accuracy of said reaction as well. It is just important to be aware of these potential side effects before going ahead and committing yourself to nootropics. Endeavor to find something as balanced as possible. 

4. Different Nootropics for different functions

Before settling on a certain product, you should determine precisely what it is that you are looking to achieve. Since nootropics are used to cover a wide range of functions, certain supplements are better suited to specific areas (i.e., creativity, focus, or attention). Thus, you should determine what you would like to improve and then find a product that supports it, with plenty of research and results to back it up. 

5. Volume and Frequency is vital

A common mistake that many people make when taking nootropics is making the assumption that simply taking the supplement is enough. Think of it as though you are taking medicine for an ailment like a headache, for example. You will need to take the correct amount in order for the medicine to be effective. The same applies to nootropics. So, pay close attention to the recommended doses and follow them with accurate frequency. And similarly, it is paramount that you don’t exceed your daily limit either. Find the right balance and maintain it. 


There are many reputable and effective nootropic supplements products on the market at the moment, so you certainly won’t have any trouble finding something worthwhile. Just be careful and verify anything before putting it in your body, as for every quality brand, there are a hundred duds. 

In matters of the brain, it is vital that you approach it with careful consideration. Especially when it is still an area in which we, as a global community, know very little. In any case, you can indeed experience very positive results through the use of nootropic supplements. 


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