Mastering Your Glass Water Bong: Techniques for a Smooth Smoking Experience

What is a glass water bong

For the last couple of years, the number of people who have started to consume drugs has increased, which unintentionally has increased the demand for numerous smoking devices that are available in the market. In addition to the available smoking products, smokers started to demand more enhanced and innovative products that would provide them with a better and improved smoking experience.

Such products became available to numerous companies who were able to invest and develop new products, such as glass water bongs. A glass water bong is considered to be the most commonly used smoking product as it has numerous sizes, like mini bongs, and types, like the beaker bongs, all of which allow customers to own a more personalized smoking product.

In addition to providing people with numerous innovative types of products, bongs allow people to enjoy the whole process of smoking. In other words, to use a bong, people need to purchase the herbs separately, use a grinder to grind the herbs – which will allow the taste to be more evident when smoking – store the herbs inside the bong, and afterward light them using the right amount of fire.

How to correctly use a glass water bong

In order for bongs to work, they have numerous compartments that people are required to know how to use them.

As mentioned beforehand, since people are required to purchase and grind the herbs by themselves, they need a place to store and light them – this place is called the bowl piece, which is a small part of a water bong to allow people access to store the herbs.

On the other hand, referring to the product’s name, a glass water bong only works with water. For this reason, the base of each bong is called the water chamber, which is a place that is filled with the right amount of water. The water needs to be at a specific amount, which will then be used to cool off the smoke that is generated from lighting the herbs.

There are many other parts and compartments to glass water bongs; however, some might be able to find some other distinguishing parts – this can be related to the type of bong and its main purpose. To further elaborate, an ice bong is produced to provide people with a more filtered and cool smoking hit, and for that, you may find an additional compartment that is used to store ice cubes.

Techniques for a smooth smoking experience using a glass water bong:

1- Choosing the right type of bong for your liking

Before getting into using a bong to smoke, it is important to understand which type is the most suitable for your liking. As there are numerous options available, choosing a specific type of bong can be a complicated process.

So, in order to avoid an impulse purchase situation, newcomers to the smoking community should research and narrow down the long list of available options and arrive at the most fit option based on their preferences.

For example, if you do not want to own a large-size glass water bong, you can narrow down the list to include only those that come in smaller sizes. Additionally, you might also filter out those that are not made out of glass material, and so on.

2- Ensuring to setup the bong correctly

As discussed, using a glass water bong requires people to prepare and set up everything by themselves. However, due to not knowing the correct methods of setting up, some people decrease the value they get from their smoking experience.

So, to ensure you get the best experience, educate yourself on the correct ways of setting up the bong.

3- Inhaling the right way

Inhaling is the most important part when it comes to smoking a bong. The way a person inhales the smoke determines the amount of satisfaction they will get from the product. Thus, be sure not to give up on the first try if the taste and the experience do not meet your expectations; instead, try to practice and get the hang of the product to be able to inhale through the mouthpiece in the right way.

4- Ensuring the use of high-quality herbs for better taste

Some people make a habit of purchasing low-quality herbs to decrease their expenses. However, when people use low-quality herbs, they risk damaging the tool and causing damage to their respiratory system.

5- Maintaining your glass water bong

Finally, many people do not make maintaining and cleaning their glass water bongs a priority. By constantly cleaning and maintaining bongs, people will be able to increase the life span of the bong and reduce extra expenses when the bong becomes ineffective due to not cleaning.


To conclude, smoking using a glass water bong is easy and simple; however, to master using the product, it is important to dedicate some time and learn the techniques to enjoy the benefits of the device.


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