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Maintaining Your Hearing Health

We take our senses for granted, but age may take them from us. Vision and hearing loss can often be observed among older individuals. Consequently, many think that only time has a say over such impairments. However, your lifestyle affects your body in a major way. Whether a hearing loss is genetic or age-related, many factors play their part in exacerbating it. In this article, we’ll discuss which aspects of it can damage your hearing capabilities. Here is how you can reduce their impact and age successfully:

Keep the Volume Low

Your inner ear has the cochlea, which plays a crucial role in hearing. Loud noise can destroy the hair cells and membranes of the cochlea, and these are responsible for converting sound waves into electrical signals to send to the brain. Any damage to hair cells ultimately reduces the signals sent to the brain. Unfortunately, these cells can not regenerate either, so if they die because of prolonged exposure to loud sounds, the result is permanent hearing impairment. The auditory nerve, which carries electrical signals to the brain, can also get affected by noise.

Loud noise is not only generated in factories; your headphones will damage your ears just as much. Five in 10 young people listen to audio too loudly, so keep the volume low and protect your hearing health while there’s time.

Protect Your Ears

If you are continuously exposed to loud sounds that you can not control, for example, equipment or surrounding noise, invest in earplugs or noise-canceling gadgets. These will absorb waves that reach your ears, protecting the cells and membranes within.

Additionally, you also need to protect your ears against dampness as it can cause bacterial infections. Water usually evaporates by itself, but excess wax can trap it. If you indulge in activities like swimming often, invest in earplugs. Use towels to dry your ears gently when they get damp.

A normal amount of wax is necessary for the ear to protect itself against bacterial intruders, so obsessively removing it will harm your ear. You can even damage the eardrum if you take cotton swabs too far in. Instead, gently clean the area around the ear canal if you feel like there’s excessive wax accumulation. Use a wax thinning fluid occasionally if you have to be around water often.

Discuss Your Medication With Your Doctor

Never self-prescribe drugs for long periods of time; they can have damaging consequences to your health. Over 200 medicines are ototoxic, and they harm the ear. If such is the case with your medicines, get hearing tests regularly, as stopping the medication may not always be an option. You should always discuss the side effects of your prescribed drugs with your healthcare professional. Work closely with an audiologist if you’re already at risk of hearing impairment because of genetics or certain diseases.

Don’t Ignore Pain, Pressure, or Ringing in the Ears

You should never ignore pain, pressure, or pus in the ear. Ringing can be a sign of tinnitus, and pain and pressure can be underlying symptoms of ear diseases. Disorders in the ear can cause hearing loss. The earlier you diagnose and treat the problem, your hearing health will be safer.


Maintaining your health in the short and long term should be your topmost priority, no matter your age. You can maintain your hearing health by ensuring you’re exposed to low noise levels and protecting your ears when you’re not. Make sure you never ignore any ear-related symptoms and discuss your medication with your doctor as well. You should get yourself checked occasionally and maintain your hearing aids properly if you have them. Helix Hearing Care offers excellent services in this regard. Consult with them if you feel like you’ve been facing problems with your hearing.


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