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Incredible Ways to Make Homemade Kratom Blends

Popular for its healing properties, kratom is currently in high demand, especially with the current world, whereby there are many ailments inducing pain and suffering to people around the world, and everyone is willing to undertake whatever it takes to maintain a healthy body. When used correctly, this product has amazing benefits, including curbing anxiety, pain as well as fatigue.

One challenge consumers face in the market today is the presence of fake products that resemble the original ones, making it difficult to choose wisely. However, the good news is that you can make your own kratom blends in the comfort of your home. All you need are the substances, equipment, and the process.

The types:

To make the right blend, you should have an idea of what you expect. The reason for consumption should be your guide. Do you need kratom to alleviate pain, improve sleep, boost your mood, or why do you need it? It comprises the red, white, and green kratom.

White Kratom: This type helps to improve your mood and attention. With this in mind, you could have visualized if you took it in the morning that you expect to have a tiresome day. A bad temper can easily compromise your productivity.

The same applies to a negative attitude towards others who you have to team up with for projects; you can have a bad experience until you change your attitude to positivity. This type can suit such a need.

Red Kratom: Perfect for a good sleeping habit. If you struggle with insomnia or sleep, this is a good option for you. Therefore, consume it after taking supper or dinner, the time you wish to sleep.

Moreover, it is a solution for some people who struggle with uneasiness that makes it hard to sleep, especially those with family issues, work challenges, or sick people (Prozialeck, 2012). However, for the sick, it is wise to consult with a medical practitioner before opting for this option.

Green Kratom: This strain is interesting because it is a combination of both the red and the white types. Therefore, if you struggle with insomnia, bad mood, and lack of concentration, this strain is not bad for you.

Nevertheless, you should be careful to avoid taking large quantities that may make you sleep during the wrong time. This is a good idea if you are sick at home, and your doctor finds it okay to consume it: Because it will combat the bad mood that comes with disease and suffering alongside alleviating discomfort to give you a good rest.

Here is how you can make your kratom blends at home:

This product can be taken in powder form, as a bar of chocolate, as capsules, or as a tea (kratom tea). From most users, however, tea and chocolate are preferable, not only because they are easy to consume, but also because you can choose to consume the tea while hot, warm, or cold in all seasons, and it will retain its effectiveness. For the kratom chocolate, you can take it at any time, including during work, while walking, camping, or at any time.

To make the blends, you require kratom powder. You should be careful to buy from a reliable dealer because there are a number of them even online, most who do not sell the original one, and this may pose you at risk as well as waste your money. is a reliable website where you can acquire legit kratom and have it delivered to you. In addition, here you will find different varieties to choose from, according to your needs.

Making kratom tea:


  • Kratom
  • Water
  • Cooking pot or
  • pan
  • Sieve
  • Mug

Follow the procedure below:

  • Gather all equipment, and ensure they are all clean
  • Measure the powder and the water to ensure that you use the right quantities
  • Add some water into the pan and leave to boil
  • Into the boiled water, add some kratom powder
  • Significantly decrease the heat, and wait for around ten minutes
  • Be observant to note the change in color of the mixture: It should appear yellowish or dark orange
  • After a color change put off the source of heat
  • Carefully sieve the liquid into the mug to get a clear drink or leave the mixture in the mug to give the powder time to settle down after which you can extract the liquid
  • Enjoy your kratom tea
  • Thoroughly clean the equipment after use for ready utilization again

To make kratom chocolate at home:

Ingredients and Material

  • Kratom powder
  • Cups (2 or 3)
  • Source of heat; preferably a cooker
  • Saucepan
  • Bowl
  • Heat-resistant tray
  • Refrigerator
  • Spatula or a spoon with a plastic/wooden handle
  • Chocolate chips
  • Coconut oil
  • Sugar


  • In a bowl, mix up coconut oil with the chocolate chips
  • Heat the saucepan to medium temperature
  • As you wait for the chocolate chips, and the coconut oil to melt, occasionally stir the mixture to prevent burning with may spoil your chocolate
  • Once the chips and the oil are melted, add the kratom powder, then stir so that they are mixed well
  • Take away from heat
  • Add sugar, and blend fully
  • little by little, and carefully pour the chocolate mixture into the tray
  • Place the tray in a refrigerator, and set for three hours until your chocolates have chilled
  • Cautiously to avoid breakage of the chocolates, take them out from the tray
  • Enjoy and where necessary, store appropriately

Final thoughts:

Some people find the taste of kratom undesirable. This may make it hard to enjoy. However, the good news is that unlike other products whose efficiency can be compromised by adding sweeteners, you can add flavor to this product, and it will still retain its original value. Most people have found adding Maeng Da to work well.

Kratom may be risky for pregnant women and children. Before its intake, consult with your doctor to avoid complications. Too much of something is unsafe, especially with the medicinal properties in kratom blends, since medicines have specific quantities that must be observed for safety and effectiveness. Also, medicines contain side effects that prepare the user in advance, be conversed with what you expect with every intake.


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