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How to Turn Friendship into Love

Love stories that begin with friendship are often the longest. If you have a friend to whom you begin to feel something for, perhaps this scares you and confuses you. Most likely, you do not want to jeopardize friendship, but you do not want to miss out on something good. However, if you change your habits, openly admit your feelings, and begin to behave more romantically, you can turn friendship into love.

Evaluate your feelings

Before deciding on a romantic relationship with a friend, think carefully about why you like them and why you want your relationship to change. Remember, as soon as you confess to a person, your sympathy, your friendship will change forever. For example, if you want to meet with them just because you feel good next to them, this is most likely not the best reason to pursue relationships. However, if your heart skips a beat when you see them, or if you start being jealous when they meet other people, you might want to analyze your feelings. However, if your relationship has just ended or it is your first relationship after being widowed – your feelings may not be all that objective.

Talk to the person you trust

Before you confess your feelings to a friend, consult someone you trust, for example, another friend or one of your parents. Most likely, these people have experienced something similar in their life and will be able to give you good advice and valuable information on how to deal with feelings. Mutual friends can be especially helpful because they know both of you, and they can provide a more objective look.

Lightly flirt with them

Even though you can’t immediately go to a romantic relationship, you can start to set the tone for your desires. Lightly flirt with a friend from time to time. Evaluate his reaction to flirting, and if he responds positively or begins to flirt in response, this is a sign that he is also interested in you.

Make subtle hints

You can begin to release hints about deepening your relationship periodically. This is another way to assess his interest in you, which will serve as an impetus for further actions or will not allow you to go too far. You could say something like, “My mother asked me last night if we were dating. I told her, “not yet.” The person will be intrigued by your response, and their reaction will help you determine how they feel.

Try to look good when you spend time together

Strive to look your best. Make sure you look clean and well maintained and that you are well dressed. If you know that a person likes a certain color or smell, try to wear this shade or use this fragrance more often. Although relations are much more than the outer shell, the initial attractiveness is important for the emergence of a spark. If you look great, a person is more likely to notice you and look at you in a new light.

Give them compliments more often

This is a great way to let a person know that you like them without telling them directly. Most people like to receive compliments, and your friend is most likely no exception. If one day they will look particularly attractive, let them know. If they cope well with a school project or assignment at work, let them know that you admire their intelligence and professional discipline. However, do not overdo it with compliments. The abundance of flattering words sometimes entails a negative effect. Try to praise them once or twice daily for some time.

Get your thoughts together

After taking the first steps to show your sympathy, plan your speech. Be sure to tell them that you value his friendship, but you see the potential for something new and unusual. Despite the possible positive reaction, be prepared for the fact that they probably want to be friends, and this is also normal. You may be able to organize your thoughts better if you write them down.

Think before you speak

Your friendship will forever change after this moment, regardless of whether you will meet or not. Stay alone with yourself for some time, and think critically about your decision before proceeding.

Be honest and sincere

This is the right time to tell a friend about your true feelings. Perhaps they are experiencing the same thing as you but too afraid to admit. Open your heart and tell them how much you like to be friends with them, but that you cannot do anything with your romantic feelings for them.

Give the person time to think

Perhaps they are still shocked because of your words, or maybe they knew that would happen. In any case, this is a large amount of information that needs to be understood, so show respect for a friend and give them time to think it over carefully. Tell them that you are not waiting for an instant response if they wish so.

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